What am I doing wrong?

  1. I have been working out 5-7 times a week for the last 2.5 months and have not lost a single pound! I haven't gained any weight either, I just seem to be sitting at the same weight.

    What am i doing wrong? Is my workout not intense enough? I spend about 35 minutes on an exercise bike at a high resistance setting followed by 45 minutes on the weight machines doing upper and lower body exercises. I just found out today i can do the eliptical machines without hurting my knee injury, so from here on out it will be 30 on eliptical and 30 on bike each day, in hopes of kick starting some weight loss.

    I didn't eat terrible before starting my workout a couple months ago, but I have been trying to cut out sugar and late night food. I don't eat red meat, heck, I hardly eat meat at all. I don't eat much dairy since I'm sensitive to it.

    Any suggestions would be great!
  2. Whatever you are doing, your body has plateaued. If you have the resources, I would suggest getting a personal trainer for one session. They can show you different cardio and weight training to help you either rid of unnecessary weight, or just to get your body going in a different direction. Either way, you need to change it up. I also suggest working out on different days and different times if you can. Good luck!:heart:
  3. how can i plateau if i've just started LOL, that is my concern! :?:
  4. If you just started, give it time.
  5. Have you been measuring yourself? In addition to weighing yourself on a scale, you should measure yourself with a dressmaker's measuring tape. You might be gaining muscle from the workout, and since muscle weighs more than fat, the number on the scale doesn't move. If you measure yourself regularly, you may find that you are losing inches even if you don't appear to be losing pounds.
  6. You need protein if you don't eat meat. Cut down on empty carbs. Try not to eat past 6pm and eat 5-6 small meals a day to raise your basal metabolism. Try intake 1g per 1kg of body weight. Take your weight in lbs and divide by 2.2 for kg.
  7. Just give your body time. don't loose faith and it will show..sometimes weight loss comes really fast then it slows down..you think it's not happening but it will suddenly come back to ya ;)
    drink loads of water/tea and cut carbs as much as u can :smile:
    just believe in yourself! :heart:
  8. Yes, protein helps burn fat! Eat peas, soy and nuts etc.
  9. I stay stop the muscle training and focus on cardio.. see how u will do.. once u start loosing fat.. start the muscle building again..
  10. alright, their is some pretty sound advice, but there is so much more to it and you guys are hitting the tip of the ice berg.

    5-7 a day is a little exteme especially if you just started working out. What you want to do is set aside some time be it an hour for working out 3 times a day and stick to that. Over training is something that can occure very fast especially once you start to work out, but don't be discouraged. There are simple solutions for all your questions.

    First off when you get to the gym you want to warm up there are several reasons, first you want to increase your heart rate as well as raising the heart rate your goign to be pumping blood to all the areas of your body allowing for a greater range of motion. With this greater ROM your also going to allow for more flexability which is key especially when you consider than flexability in a huge aspect of fitness in general.

    Pick days your not going to be doing weight training and use those are cardio days, or do your cardio after you do your weight training. The reason behind this is that cardio training eats up energy, this energy can be used for proper body mechanics in regards to exercises that you perform, if you don't have proper mechanics or are fatiged at an early state then the possibility of recruiting other muscle to aid in the effort increase. This aiding has no direct effect on training the muscle for hypertrophy. This is a very common mistake, men who have been training tend to do this alot as they are more concerned with the weight they can claim to lift rather then performing the exercise correctly to get the best gains.

    No matter what anyways says, you need weight training don't put it off. An increase in learn muscle mass will increase your BMR basal metabolic rate, this in turn will allow you to burn more calories at rest. This means all day you will burn more calories than you were capable of before. This is also not capable with just cardio alone the carry over last only a short time after aerobic exercise has stopped.

    I know i just touched the tip of the ice berg but hopefully that will help. If you have any questions shoot me an PM
  11. thanks again for all the great advice. Since I don't eat much meat I do eat things like soy beans and tofu, I also drink a protein drink after my workouts.

    I think my problem might be what armcandy mentioned, i'm losing inches but not weight because i'm adding muscle. I've noticed a change in the way my clothes fit...

    I'm also gonna take epocfitnesses advice and tone it down a bit, i'm going to do three days of cardio a week and 2 days of weight training.

    We'll see how it goes, hopefully i'll have some awesome before and after pics!