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  1. Whenever I paint my nails it chips the next day. Is there some kind of base or top coat that prevents chipping to happen so early? I usually use Sinful Colors as my usual polish. I don't use a base coat and I used Insta Dry as my top coat. Please give me some help, thanks!
  2. I use a base and Seche Vite top coat. My nail polish lasts for almost a week.
  3. Wow! Even when you shower it stays on without chipping at all? My biggest peeve is when I start to chip so I just do my nails all over.
  4. I found out about the Seche Vite here on the tpf. It has been a godsend for my nails.
  5. I use Dior base coat (long lasting protective nail base) the best I ever tried I use it for almost a decade. Top coat is Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear. I wish I could get hard as diamonds, I've heard it is really effective.
    My polish lasts for about a week.

    I think you need a base and you need a good top coat, the instant dry is not doing you any favors, I used one some time ago and yes it chips really quick.
    A trick I was told is to apply another hand of thin top coat every 2 days.
  6. you need a base and a good topcoat, though they don't have to be expensive ( I use rimmel) and another important thing is: after you remove your nailpolish or before you do your nails, wipe them with alcohol!!! most nailpolishremovers have oil in them, but the nail has to be oil-free for the polish/base to adhere properly. if you don't have alcohol or don#t want to use it just wash your hands with a liquid soap (soap-bars are greasy) and don't use a handcream till you finished your manicure.
  7. I love seche vite. try it.
  8. I used opi base coat and inm Out The Door top coat and it keeps my polish good for a few days.
  9. i use opi chip skip, creative nails sticky base coat and seche vite top coat, My nails last about 4-5 days before chipping.
  10. you really should use a base coat - that helps the colours stay much better. I use the nfu oh aqua base coat and the sally hansen insta-dri top coat with a sinful colors polish on my toes and it usually lasts about a week before I get any chipping at all.
  11. I use Orly products, they're reasonably priced (get great deals/coupons throughout year with Sally's card). I use their "Bonder" as a basecoat, then apply another thin coat after the nail color. Then I use their "Won't Chip" as my topcoat. I swear by these products. I generally do my nails weekly, but have gone almost 2 weeks with no chips and manicure still looking decent, only redoing my nails due to nail growth near cuticle showing (my nails grow really fast!).
  12. I use OPI base and top coat and OPI polishes - my manicure lasts almost a week.
  13. Definitely wear a base coat - it will help but i have massive probs with this and have to do my nails regularly. I was told by a beautician that my nail bed has a lot of natural oils in it which repels polish and glues - i cant wear false nails. They come off after a couple of days. So maybe you have this too? A base does help though.
  14. I use OPI base coat and top coat. I don't recommend the base coat at all (I still get major staining from dark polishes), but the top coat is excellent. I don't usually do my nails but my pedicure lasts 3+ weeks looking great.
  15. I know recently in the NOTD thread we were talking about making sure you use a base coat & top coat that are B3F if the polish you are using is... apparently mixing B3F and non-B3F polishes and top/bottom coats don't always help the polish stay long...