what am i doing wrong? (Instead cup related).

  1. Well I have to admit I am embarrassed for asking this and I hope this isn't too graphic but I don't understand what it is I'm doing wrong. I tried these for the first time today, and after a small while I am bleeding into my pantyliner. I did push it past the pubic bone, but is there something I may be doing wrong? THe third time I pulled down the hammock before I inserted it so hopefully that was the problem. Any tips ladies? TIA. :heart:
  2. I tried Instead a loooooooooong time ago, but I gave up. I never could get mine in place, either. It seemed impossible, although my tilted (the doctor called it "retroverted") uterus might be to blame. I've never worn a diaphram for the same reason; sorry to be of no help! Maybe you can go to your gynecologist and s/he can show you how to insert it?
  3. ^^I should look for one, thanks!
  4. I tried Instead and it didn't work for me either. Have you ever tried using a menstrual cup? They are basically the same thing as Instead but are made of rubber or silicone. They are much easier and reuseable. I couldn't live without mine! :yahoo: I use a silicone one called a Lunette. http://www.lunette.fi/english_index.html This is a really good site about menstrual cups: http://www.community.livejournal.com/menstrual_cups