what am i doing wrong. help please!

  1. ok so i ran down to get cash and spied a little handheld steamer at my store. so i buy it. came home and decided to steam my scarves since just laying them as flat as i can is not getting the wrinkles out.

    i start. basically nothing happens. i try the front. try the back. discover a stain like makeup on my instructions scarf. freak out. keep from crying. hold it together h. hold it together. i manage to get most of the wrinkles out, avoid the hems as i think i'm supposed to (wait, did i hit a hem somewhere? i might have), and generally make it look better. except i have lost some of the natural folds that the scarf came with. i'll try the pointu. which is black. hanging in my bathroom i can see through it where the creases are. but not anywhere else. is this NORMAL? omg. freaking out again. keep it together h. you must keep it together. ok, so this come out better but again, i lost all the natural folds my pointu have.

    so what am i doing wrong? now i'm afraid to try it on any of my scarves and they need it. i feel like never wearing my scarves again because i am so afraid of ruining them.

    and what can i do to get out the stain on my white one?

    help! please!
  2. Have a martini, relax, and wait till the experts come....
  3. lol. if only i drank martinis. i am freaking out about the stain. argh.
  4. Just relax.... HG, GF, and others will come along soon....
  5. I am surprised that laying them flat does not get the wrinkles out.... I do that and the wrinkles are all gone in 24 hours.
  6. finn, relax. If you don't want to use a dry cleaner, stains will have to be spot cleaned, meaning water will be involved. In order not to leave water stains, you should try to dry your spot very quickly after cleaning, either buy using a blow dryer or iron on it. GF or gga can probably coach you better on this.
  7. Uhm.......OK, not to make light of your problem, but what exactly is the emergency?
  8. ^^^^ makeup stain on white scarf....
  9. tee hee. ok fine. not a REAL emergency. i also have a hang nail too. is that better?
  10. well i can't lay them flat flat which i think is the problem. but i could be wrong.
  11. It depends on the material of the scarves, sometimes they differ greatly. I find that the worst kind is when one leaves the scarves folded (for days) after wearing it (I found out the hard way). Really should fold them back into squares.
  12. I just lay them flat on the bed for a day and then fold them, and into the box they go...
  13. Ah, I just hand wash them. If caught early enough, most stains come out easily. Just follow the instructions to GF's "rollin', rollin', rollin'..................rawhide" thread.
  14. Yes that's even better, if you have the room to lay them flat after wearing. Just don't leave them folded on the diagonal.
  15. ^^^tods, if they're folded on the diagonal, just lay the scarf out, because it's being folded against the bias, the folds should work themselves out.