What all fits in a medium classic flap?

  1. For example could it fit as much as what would fit in a Balenciaga first bag? Thanks
  2. No, it will fit less.
  3. It doesn't fit all that much! The bag is so structured and the double flap makes the inside even more small. I can fit my keys, clés with my cards, cell phone, digicam and lipgloss. Anymore and I would feel it a little cramped. I was surprised by how little it held when I first took it out.
  4. The first holds a ton of stuff for an small bag. The medium flap is more of an evening bag imo. It holds only the essentials.
  5. So does it hold like what an LV pochette would?
  6. I don't own a pochette, but based on the size I would say that it can hold a little more than the pochette.

    You can't hold a full wallet, but you could hold everything blushingbaby said.
  7. So do you think I could fit a small makeup bag..sidekick 3..balenciaga coin purse and keys in the medium? And do all the mediums have the double flap?
  8. Yeah, a medium definitely fits more that a LV pochette.
    As a matter of fact, I just carried mine for the first time this evening..
    I had a London Map book(it's not thin at all ya know..as you can see in the pic..yet it fits nicely not crammed), cellphone, my lil card/coin purse, a pack of tissue.. To be really honest, I was actually surprise that I could put the book in..:yes:
    Oh yes, I forgot the keys..
    And to answer to ur question regarding if all the medium are double flap..well I'm still no expert to Chanel..but so far when I was deciding to buy the bag at Chanel, I only saw double flap for medium.. (only saw jumbo w/o the double flap..)
  9. It definitely holds more than a pochette. I have an epi pochette and medium classic flap.

    Pochette tend to be shorter and half as wide as the medium clasic flap.

    In my pochette i can fit a short wallet, phone, only a few keys.

    In my classic flap i can fit a long wallet, phone, keys, small diary, ipod nano.
  10. Opps! And I've forgotten to mention ^^..plus lipstick too.. :p
  11. Thanks everyone..this is really helpful....especially the pic of what you can fit inside:smile: Thanks again!!
  12. What about the jumbo? How big is that? Can I see a photo? Is there a better thread?
  13. i think balenciaga first can hold 2-3 times as much stuff as classic flap medium can.

  14. That sucks..I don't think I could fit my stuff into the classic flap then:sad:
  15. yeah...
    the medium classic flap is definately small. it is structures, its doesnt stretch, thus fits less. With balenciaga first, it kinda stretch, hence you can fit a lot more. I hope this make sense