What all do you use PayPal for?

  1. This is a spin off of another thread :smile:

    Just wondering what all everyone uses PayPal for?

    I use it OFTEN and for way more then for eBay!

    My parents (and inlaws) send me money often (as gifts) via PayPal. I also send others money via PayPal - like if they are selling something, Etc. Someone once told them they could Western Union money to me. Well that costs more then

    When I list things on our base Classified ads, I say that I accept PayPal! I much prefer that over a check that might bounce!

    Also, when a group of friends want to collect money for a gift or charity, we all use PayPal!

    I just like it sooo much better then money orders and checks, because I never go to a physical bank!

    I love PayPal and have had ZERO problems with them!

    So, what else do you use it for?
  2. I use it to pay friends or receive money from friends - say if one of us was to purchase several concert tickets or something, we'd use payapl to pay whomever purchased them.

    I've used it for payment on things I've sent to people in Australia that were not eBay related.

  3. At This Point In Time, I Only Use It To Pay For Purchases On eBay.
  4. ^Actually I Have Used It To Pay On Other Sites...
  5. Ebay and other online purchasing. And my synagogue happily accepts charitable donations via Paypal!
  6. 2 of the charities I donate to every month now take paypal and I think thats great.

    I use it to send money to my 2 deadbeat (said affectionately) brothers when they need it.

    I actually closed my PayPal account that I had since they started Paypal, then I realized I used it for ther things besides ebay, so I reopened a new account.
  7. ebay.