what all crazy compartments does the spy have?

  1. ok, I know the tube is a compartment and the flap is a coin purse, but what else? i feel like it's a bag with many secrets!
  2. Boo that it all. It has no more secret compartments. But you can hold it a different way besides arm/hand/shoulder but using the wristlet thing at the end of the spywand. It keeps the bag shut and gives you a different look like a whole new bag! Not a good idea if the bag is too heavy though, your wrists might hurt.
  3. ooh, kinda like how the clutch is

    i'm sure they will put more cool stuff on the spy as the years go by. i hope so at least.
  4. I hadn't thought of that, perhaps they will. Then all the people who thought their spy obsession was over since they had everything they wanted will have to buy more.