what all characters are on Adios?

  1. What all characters come on the adios? Does anyone have a list? I'm trying to find some characters that my boyfriend doesn't think are too girl to ask the outlets for for a bag for him. Thanks
  2. So does anyone have a list?
  3. I don't have a list, but I remember a while back (maybe a month or so?) someone on livejournal put together a tile picture showing all the characters on the adios print and where they are....
  4. yah I'm sorry I can't help with this :sad:
    the only Adios Star item I have is a canguro and you don't get too many characters on that other than ... Adios
  5. I don't have anything in Adios Star, but what I recall is...

    Strawberry Latte
    Adios laying down
    Sumo baby
    Flying Adios
    Bad apple
    Chili pepper (yellow and red)
    Adios skull
    Candy (red/white and red/orangish)
    Kano-kun (cactus kid)
    Adios Star
    tokidoki logo

    And that's all I know...
  6. polpettina too!

  7. it'd be great to see the tile pic. i've only seen polpettina, diaper baby, latte and the peppers.
  8. in addition to nanastar, there's also a girl in the shape of a star. i don't know if she has a name.
  9. A girl in the shape of a star?? Wow, what character is that? Do you have a photo of it?
  10. Thats divolina(sp) the girl in the star..
  11. thanks elizs.
    maya - i don't know if i'm describing her correctly. it's really just a girl's face and her black hair is the star and a bit hangs down from the star as well. i know i'm not making any sense! i don't have her on my bag, so i can't take a picture, sorry. she was on one of the gioccos i was contemplating between, but i didn't keep that one.
  12. I'll try to put a tile together later... I've been wanting to see one too and I looked at my bag and it actually has a lot of the print :biggrin:
  13. Ohhhh...which bag do you have that has so much of the print? I'm thinking of trying to get another bag when it hits the outlets :smile:
  14. Oh okay! I know what you mean now!!
  15. Here's the pattern I made.