What agendas will a Carmencita fit into?

  1. cause they're SO cute..........I just need to know the options!
  2. K, they come in 3 sizes. I just bought the large one in Chili to use as a bookmark. It's absolutely adorable. So whatever size agenda you have I'm sure they'll find one to fit.
  3. he..he...I'm buying an agenda to fit the carmencita!! Can you believe this......my store is NOT I repeat...NOT stocking the Carmencita.....will have to source from elsewhere.......I want chilli, too!!
  4. Carmencita???..... is something I MUST have?
  5. Rose...yes.
  6. So the question is.........what size Carmencita did you get?

    You can bring it into the store and fit it into an agenda.

    Rose, NYC has them. You should see how they're packaged. They are looped onto the lid of the box. So when you open the box, the Carmencita will dangle from the lid.
  7. no - haven't got one, my store isn't getting them, so I'll get the agenda and carmencita elsewhere (maybe NY? will they post it to OZ?)
  8. :sweatdrop: , so much for H Annon!
  9. I'll ask, I have to go in tomorrow again. But in what size are you interested?
  10. tthe wee size...hg...you're a sweetheart!!

    rouge garance
  11. Okey dokey! Hmmmm, I'm building quite a shopping list for other people. BTW, K, NYC has it in etoupe, pink, and chili.
  12. I'm a chili gal......
  13. that's just like when i buy a whole outfit to go with a pair of shoes! :lol:
  14. I bought my wedding dress to match my red Manolos....
  15. K, is it only Syd that are not getting them in or do you know if that's the case for all other Aus stores as well? I'm needing this carmencita too!