What Age you think can carrying or wearing Lvs??

  1. What Age do you think can be able to carrying or wearing LV things, I mean if some teenages in student uniform carrying the Multicolor Speedy (or any things thats Lv's) down the road, what would you think

    1 : Wow that bag is so nice!! I love it
    2 : Thats properly fake, her/his age cannot really buy it!
    3 : Its Okey thats cute
    4 : umm, they are too young! I dont like it!
    5 : or others
    you can choose 2!:nuts:
  2. If it looks good on them and it doesn't look weird, I say 3 or something else.
  3. IMO a multicolor speedy is too much for a student.
    A cute little mc/mono pochette or mini hl would be perfect IMO, its less blingy.

    If I saw a student with any LV in my area(and I have) they are FAKE. If i lived in LA i'd take a second look and think its cool,

  4. As soon as you are old enough to earn the paycheck needed to purchase that LV item. Then you can really respect your LV and the hard work it took to get it.
  5. I second that :amuse:
  6. I don't think it just depends on the bag someone (at any age) is carrying. I think if you look at a person and they are dressed nicely and appropriatly then the bag fits in with how they look. Not to sound snobby at all but-- you wouldn't think twice if you saw someone carrying a LV wearing a designer suit even if she was 16, however, you would think twice about it if you saw someone who was young, wearing shabby clothes, and carrying a supposed 1300.00 bag. So, I guess what i'm saying is, it's not the bag that gets noticed, it's the whole package. IMHO.
  7. I've seen a lot of girls with them and they're just the lucky girls that probably don't work for anything. It's just something that they'd throw around, especially at that age. I just hope that she takes care of it cause I really get angry whenever people flaunt and don't take care of the bags they have.
  8. Depends on the attitude... if there is way too much attitude, it doesn't matter what the age and what LV they are carrying - the whole package doesn't look nice.
  9. #2 and 3 :smile:
  10. Honestly I usually think their parents spoil them and then see how it looks on them and a lot of times the MC looks pretty cool on a younger person.
  11. I don't think anything of it if the teenager is well dressed and hanging around my neighborhood. It's something that I'm used to in this nuevo riche area. If I see them in the average American town, then I'm suspicious. Overall, I don't really care either way. [SIZE=-1][/SIZE]
  12. Amen to that sister!
  13. i honestly don't think it's easy to tell whether or not someone is carrying a fake based on what they are wearing or their age at all. if i'm going to pick up something from the drug store or food from a restaurant or just am simply not in the mood to dress up, i will go out wearing tights and a big sweater or simple sweats and carrying a chloe or chanel (not lv, as i am not a huge fan). and if someone decided that, based on my age and my clothes, i was carrying a fake, they'd be seriously mistaken. i really just think it depends on the bag itself and whether or not it looks fake. and i personally think that, of course based on means, more teenagers should carry nice handbags. i love them! and i would love to see my generation appreciating them too.
  14. I think that if you want to carry a LV it doesn't matter at all about your age! I'm 15 years old and got my first LV for my 13th birthday since then I have purchased 4 more and I'm now desperately after something from the suhali line! I personally think that you shouldn't judge anyone wheather they are 15 or 50 and they are carrying a LV! Its all down to personal choice and what you like! and I don't think anybody should be judged on that!
  15. Hmm...well...I'm in my last teenage yr (yes, that would be 19 lol) and i'd say that most teenagers do carry fakes, BUT i think this percentage is equally high amongst adult women. I was just on the bus the other day, and this woman carried the ULTIMATE fake LV bag ever while I was carrying my real Multicolore Lodge. I glanced at her bag, then she gave ME THE MOST DISAPPROVING look ever, as if mine were fake! I was almost ready to go over and rip her ugly $)(#&@ from her paws...and mind you, she was very well dressed! So i guess what i'm saying is that fakes are everywhere these days and carried by all sorts of ppl (including celebrities) at whatever age. We, "the knowers", just need to identify which person is sporting an authentic piece and show a smile of approval.