What age were you when you got your first Chanel?

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  1. This curiosity popped up when I was reading the what age did you get your first H. I know there's a thread somewhere here about the age of the Chanel owner, but I'm curious how old when you got your first Chanel and what is it. 21 for me.
  2. I was 16, and it was a birthday gift from my father; a classic black lambskin flap bag with silver hardware. And my love for Chanel grew since then :smile:
  3. Omg lucky! What did you do to get your dad buy you that or does he just like to send out gifts lol.
  4. okaaaay a bit old for my league..think I was 20..
  5. I didn't care for Chanel until my 30s where I am now...... Too bad bc it's so classic and I wouldn't have had to sell so much stuff on eBay. So you are on the right track ladies!
  6. I think I'll be 23 when I get my first chanel bag ;) thinking about buying it for myself as an graduation present next year.
    But if you count others than bags here, then I'll be getting ballerinas in the summer, so 22 :smile:
  7. 27
  8. i was a gucci girl...and i got my first Chanel when i was 25 and now i cant stop buying Chanel bags!!
  9. On my 21st birthday. :biggrin:
  10. 29.. i bought other brands before..
  11. I was 40!
  12. 27
  13. It was too expensive for me to buy when I was younger. Took a long time for me to be able to afford one. My parents do not believe in buying USD2K++ bags... AND for children :P So I had to save up myself :smile:
  14. 34. Chanel was a brand that I had to work up towards as I made more money in my career. Now, when I look at my few bags, I feel like they are my reward for hard work.
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  15. 24!