What age to start using eye cream?

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  1. I read a magazine saying to use extra eye cream on top of your moisturizer at night but I was wondering what age is it necessary to use eye cream? Does starting early help puffiness/dark circles in the future? I am in my 20s and am not sure if I want to add another product to my regimen.
  2. it is because the area around the eye is more delicate. you want to keep it super moisturized which keeps the skin supple thus lines aren't able to set in.

    if you are 21 maybe you can wait, but if you're 26+, i'd definitely add it to the mix.

    i think i started around 23 or so?
  3. My sister is an aesthetician and she said you should be using an eye cream by age 25.
  4. I don't see the harm using eye cream in your late teens...
  5. I'm 22 and I just got my first eye cream. I've been using it for a week or two and my undereye circles actually look a little lighter! I think early 20's is a good time to start. :smile:
  6. My guess is I started using eye cream around 20 at least. It's always been a part of my skin care routine.
  7. Hello, would say start using a light eye cream around 20 ,pat around orbital bone ...don't take close to the lids or you will have puffy eyes!!!
  8. I think you should start using it in your mid 20s (earlier if you are in the sun or under harsh conditions often) as a preventative measure.
  9. I'm 28, and I only recently started using. I wish I had started earlier... BEFORE I started to see lines :sad:
  10. My cosmetologist recommend me to start using a light anti-aging moisturizer at 25' so i suppose you also have to use a light eye-cream at 25 too.
  11. I'm 19 & I use a Boscia eye gel occasionally. It's not anti-aging, just preventive (such as dark circles, puffiness). I'm looking to switch to Clinique's All About Eyes Rich eventually. I wouldn't touch the anti-aging stuff 'til later... but I do have some fine lines (genetics, perhaps?).
  12. I think you should start using a basic eye cream in your early 20s, I dont think it needs to be something anti aging just something to moisturise the area. I think its even more important to use eye cream if you are regularly applying under eye concealer, eyeliner etc. because you might be tugging at the delicate skin.
  13. I used eye masks when I'm in my teens and have used eye cream since last year! (when I was 21 or 22)
  14. I started at 15 I am 43 with no crows feet.
  15. Yes, I wish I would have started at that age:smile: The skin around your eyes will thank you for it!!!