What age to buy LV for daughter?

  1. I know this has been discussed three four years ago, but I can’t find the thread much less remember what people said. At what age would you/ have you bought the first LV for your daughters..... and what’s your thoughts on it!
    We are going to Paris in June, and I’m wondering if I’m off my rockers thinking about buying something small like a pochette accessories for my daughter for her 13th birthday? I should say that she has a late spade purse that she has babies and she would cherish it.... BUT she is 13. On the other hand it would be a really cool experience buying your first LV at the flagship store....So.... thoughts?
  2. This is such a personal decision. Although we can afford it, my two daughters are 16 and I haven't purchased anything for them. They also arent interested in designer items in the slightest. If they were, I still wouldn't buy LV for them yet. My personal opinion is 18 at the earliest. I know many others have purchased for their daughters at a much younger age and I would never judge them for their decision. Everyone is totally different.

    I did buy my niece a pochette for her 21st birthday and she was thrilled.

    Good luck with your decision! Paris is my favorite city!!
  3. This thread will get a lot of comments that are fairly strong would be my guess!

    So, I have an LV bag (Mini HL) for my daughter and she is 14 months old. She hasn't worn it or played with it, but I imagine someday in the next year or two she will and I'm ok with that. I know it's an unpopular opinion, as many people want their kids to really appreciate the price of the item, and I used to be of that mindset, but I guess I changed my mind.

    I think 13 is a really good age for her to get a pochette accessories - plus she has treated her Kate Spade bag well so I think she'd love it! And it would be a great experience too :smile:
  4. MY Personal opinion here. 13 is too young. I think buying LV for teenagers should typically happen at graduation with good grades and college in mind - IF this is what you want to do. I guess I see looking at a good sound vehicle when they hit driving age is more practical than an LV bag. But that's me. Things like luxury bags and luxury cars are something I believe our children should strive to buy on their own when a responsible adult. Thus they are receiving the respect and guidance that things need to be worked for and not just given. To me right now a lot (not all) young people have this air of entitlement that is not realistic for the real world.

    Sorry didn't mean to get so serious.
  5. I prefer to let a young person develop her own tastes and in particular I wouldn't encourage luxury consumerism in a preteen. She may get there on her own (and her peer group’s) steam, but I wouldn't take the lead down that path.

    See, very individual to her, you, and your family.
  6. Just an FYI, I will not be offended in the least by any comments...If I was I would not have asked!!! Just stating that...I really just needed a sounding board so keep the comments coming!!!
  7. Well I have young boys so unless it's LEGO there would be no appreciation in this house!

    I think I agree with @CornishMon though. Would I have appreciated an LV at 13? Definitely not. In fact, I wouldn't have wanted to carry anything monogram at that age. Oh how tastes change! I think she should establish her own tastes in her own time as you might find she hates LV in 18 months time even if she loves it now. Teenagers are a fickle bunch.

    At that age she may well understand the value of the item but not how long/hard someone had to work to be able to afford that level of purchase etc.

    I do think it's a very nice thing to do for your daughter though but you obviously have some concerns to be worrying about it.
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  8. I got my first designer bag at around 14(a pink Miu Miu) as a present from my parents. It did help me understand that some things are more valuable than others. Also, I had to be responsible with it and understand that it was an expensive but quality item. I can report that 11 years later I still have it and it’s in great condition so clearly the lesson of responsibility sunk in.
    I do think that buying it in the flagship store will be a great experience and as long as you feel she’ll take good care of it then I think it’s appropriate to buy her one.
    (Note: some styles are more grown-up than others but as long as it’s a youthful bag it’ll work for her age)
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  9. JUST MY TWO CENTS: I will for sure to be the first one start buying any designer items for my kids in the future. Please do not get me wrong but I think they should use their own money, because they should learn to appreciate everything. I did not get anything from my parents although they could but I got my first designer bag with my first salary.
  10. Will it be her first trip abroad or to Paris? If so, my first priority would be to allow her to experience the magic of travel to a new place and culture in and of itself. Paris has way more to offer than shopping and a visit to LV.
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  11. No she is used to traveling, but first time in Paris. We are planning on hitting all the must see places as well of course
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  12. I agree that there are a lot of teens and young people who don’t seem to appreciate the value of things or the hard work it takes to gain them. However I know myself that my children won’t be like this as I’m raising them, ;) so if I want to buy them something nice/expensive/special I will if I know it will be received with appreciation.
    I have 3 sons so I’m not in this situation (I hear ya with the Lego @vernis-lover :wave:) but I think I would love to buy my daughter something small like a Pochette at the Champs Elysee Store. If she liked bags and appreciated how special the item and memory are, I think it would be a lovely sentiment and something to treasure.
    Please let us know what you choose, I’m really curious (and possibly living a dream vicariously through you :lol:)
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  13. My father bought me a Chanel ligne cambon tote for my 16th birthday....I treated that bag like a book bag...it looked horrible in under 2 years. I still regret the way I treated it because it was a stunning bag and he has since passed away. I just wasn’t mature enough to handle such a designer bag. I think it truly depends on the maturity level of the child in question

    Enjoy your trip!!
  14. I am also one those that will buy my dd's higher end items only if they have achieved milestones in their lives for their hard work, effort and commitment but we talking after 16 years old. Or for their 18th or 21st birthday the hope is the Items will hold greater personal value to them something they might cherish alot more so will look after it. That's just me. Although both my kids do save for higher price items for their quality rather than buy equivalent cheaper version that don't last. So I guess they do appreciate higher end goods.
  15. Eh, the Champs-Elysees store isn't the pleasant experience that you'll get at the Avenue Montaigne store unless waiting in line and being stuck in a store filled with annoying tourists is your idea of pleasant. The only reason to go there is because it's on the Champs-Elysees.
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