What age should you start wearing exotic leathers?

  1. I'm curious about this because today I bumped into my [former] Hermès SA when she was locking her shop door in the evening and had a little chat on the street. She offered me a violet Prorsus Birkin. Of course I didn't take up her offer nor did I give her my real reason, I just said I feel that exotic leathers are too 'classic' (you know what I mean ;)) for me so that's the end of that.

    I want to know your take on the age that you can start wearing crocodile or lizard or shark skin for that matter, LOL without looking weird. I feel that wearing an exotic handbag before 35 just looks strange; it's just not natural and looks forced somehow :upsidedown:.
  2. Frankly, I love exotic skins. Nothing beats a crocodile pointy toe pump. And python is so hip.

    If it's a bag in a non-classic design, I think croc is fabulous for someone young (like 18+, maybe even 15+). I have a Bottega Veneta croc sling bag with metal hooks that I wear with a coat I had when I was maybe eight (looks "shrunken").

    I'm precocious though (but now I'm too old to keep using that as an excuse!) so I do have a Bottega Veneta glazed crocodile frame purse that I refer to as my "old woman" purse. I love that whole Chanel ingenue look: head to toe Chanel tweed (though with the miniskirt), best on girls my age or younger.

    It's similar to wearing a full length fur.... (Though I'm not quite brave enough to wear a mink coat -- saw one, loved it, a little above the knee, so not even full length -- but 1. I live in a very conservative yet liberal place, 2. I never see people in furs, and 3. my dad is a devout Buddhist vegetarian.) I love seeing Mary Kate in an oversized vintage fur. It's that whole dressing up in grandma's closet look.

    Of course, doing that doesn't make you look professional at all. I can imagine wearing a tattered dress under an old fur being frowned upon in finance. :biggrin:

    As for a croc bag in a classic shape, you're not too old. I think anyone 18+ can do it as long as you dress it down.
  3. Actually, thats a question i had too ( not to take over your thread). I found this Juciy Couture parka w/ a REAL rabbit fur trim. The jacket was so nice a cozy, but i felt bad that if i bought the jacket... about the fur.
  4. But I know nothing about what looks weird or normal. My standards are a bit off, I admit. :nuts:

  5. You wouldn't look weird in rabbit fur, if that is what you are wondering. It's a young look (an "introduction" to fur). (I'm assuming you're young.)

    But if you felt bad because of the fact that it is fur (and all that it entails), that's a separate thread completely....
  6. Mother bought me a rabbit fur coat in elementary school. I was about 8. :shrugs:
    Having said that, I think you make a good point. I admit, I haven't given this too much thought; but I don't like the idea of young kids being handed things I've had to work for (such as croc skin). It does seem like something an older woman should wear, just like that fab strand of multi-color Tahitian pearls Nancy Pelosi was wearing on TV yesterday. Yum.
  7. Skins have an elegance and an air of maturity to them that I feel can be pulled off by anyone who can wear some heels to match(and actually walk in them!!!) If you hold yourself like a lady, you look ok, IMHO. Should somone behave like a child, then they would look foolish.
  8. :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: PLEASE be my best friend!!!!!! I'm old enough :yahoo: for that bag.....
  9. I think they look good but I'd be a little scared to own some kinds (like ostrich) and I don't own any at all cause I don't want to bother how to take care of them. I do have a bag or two with python piping or trim but that's it.
  10. I don't like exotics. :shame: I appreciate their beauty on others but they are not for me.
  11. I think you can wear exotics that are by-products of the meat industry and weren't killed in an excessively inhumane way in order to preserve their skin/fur, at any age; even when very young, as long as the designs aren't too grandma-ish.

    But exotics that are from animals that have been skinned alive/killed particularly cruelly, especially if it was just for their skin, are a serious fashion faux pas at any age, IMO.
  12. ^Agreed, contributing to the extinction of a species is never in fashion at any age.:heart: :heart:
  13. I agree...I think there are many animals that are killed for the sake of fashion, and that, in itself, makes them that much more UNFASHIOnable:sad: