What age is too old for leggings?

  1. I am 38 - am I too old for leggings? Does anyone follow the "if you were around for a trend the first time you are too old for it" rule? I was in high school the first go round.
  2. 38? LOL! That's not too old.

    75? Maybe.
  3. I am going to go out on a limb here and say 12.

    Leggings are not my favorite new trend. I like skinny pants or opaque tights but not leggings. I am not sure why. Maybe I read too much Go Fug Yourself (it makes me laugh).

    But don't worry about what I like or what some internet blogger likes. If you like them, wear them. If you don't, then don't. That's my approach to just about everything.
  4. If you follow the rule that if you were around for a trend the first time you are too old, then pretty soon none of us will have anything to wear! Seriously, everything goes around from heel styles on shoes to trends in dresses and pants. No one was too old for the boho chic that was big a while back, despite many people wearing it the first time around.

    You just have to try things for yourself and see if they suit you. If they make you uncomfortable, then don't. Otherwise I have often seen women far older than myself (I am 35) pull off trends I wouldn't touch and look great. It all depends on the person.
  5. I think it totally depends on how you wear them. If you wear them a La Hohan and pair leggings with a one-shoulder micromini sweater-"dress" and sky-high stilettos, then perhaps not. If you wear them with a cute denim skirt and wrap sweater with ankle or knee-length boots, you'd look babeliciously classy!
  6. I am thinking of leggings, flats or boots and this tunic dress.

  7. Mini!! No way:wtf:
  8. Totally cute! My vote is flats. THe boots would overpower it. Too much going on at once! :yes:
  9. I wore a tunic dress with black leggings and Tory Burch ballet shoes. My daughter who is a personal shopper and finds fault with everything I wear said it was cute. I'm 48.
  10. I follow the "if I wore it the first time around and the memory makes me cringe, I'm not going there again" rule.

    So if you rocked them before but are fine with that, go for it. But if the thought makes you want to cry, stay away.
  11. i've bought leggings and haven't worn them yet.... i'd like to try them with frye boots and a cute long sweater tho!!!
  12. Honey, don't worry about age, if you feel comfy in your own skin then wear them, however I don't feel comfy wearing them a la Lohan style, but I don't mind to wear them like this..and btw I am around your age with a son ready to go college..so don't feel bad about age and wearing what you love..I don't:yes:
    here a pic of me wearing them with boots, I posted this before in another thread.
  13. I saw this and I want those boots!
  14. I don't mean to offend anyone else, but bags, you are ATYPICAL for a 40-something! That said, I have a mother who is also atypical and she looks really cute in leggings. I think it depends on how you dress normally and how confident you are. If you can pull it off, why not?
  15. I think leggings are fine for those who are a bit older as long as they aren't worn as pants. I don't even thing a teenager can wear them in place of pants. However, the leggings have to be long because it's more sophisticated than knee length ones. Those just look awkward.