What age did you get your first Coach?

  1. I did a search, but as we all know the search function on this forum needs some help, and I came up with nothing!

    So how old were you when you got your first Coach bag??

    I was in 7th grade. I BEGGED my parents for a Coach bag. I became obsessive over getting one. It was the signature Demi Pouch. I still remember getting it.. I was seriously so excited. I kept the box for what seemed like forever and I STILL have the bag!!! I can never seem to part with it, although it has truly undergone TONS of wear. It was my first ever designer bag :tup:

    What about you?? And was it also your first designer bag?
  2. I got my first Coach bag when I was 20 (a red leather demi) and my first designer bags were LV. (I think my first LV was either a black epi Noe or a black epi Honfleur.) I think it was also around that age when I started to buy expensive bags! I actually was not interested in expensive bags until I came to America and met someone who had TONS of designer bags. I loved all of them and decided that I would start my own collection too!!! :nuts:
  3. ^ Mas, we Americans are such a bad influence!! :amuse:
  4. 27! and yes, my first/only designer bag was Coach :smile:
  5. I was 24. My MIL and SIL bought it for me as a Christmas gift.
  6. Drum roll....I was 39!! Hey do I get a prize, LOL. I have since accumulated quite a bit o' Coach.

    My first designer bag was a dooney & bourke AWL satchel, c. 1992. Then I moved onto nylon Prada.

    When I first joined tPF last year I got into LV, so Coach is a relative latecomer for me!!

  7. You honestly are!!! :p Before I got here, I had no idea what Tiffany's was and when I found out, I didn't understand why people would pay so much for silver! But now I have to say I own more than a few pieces myself!!! :graucho: I also had no idea what Coach was either! LOL!!!
  8. I was 14 and a freshman in high school. Nobody owned any designer bags in middle school so I didn't really notice Coach bags until I started high school because tons of the 11th &12th graders had Coach bags. Anyways it was also a Signature Demi and I also begged my parents for it. They agreed to get it for me because it was only $110 at the Navy Exchange and no sales tax. I was the only freshman with a Coach bag. That was only back in Dec. 2004 so I still have it but passed it down to my lil sister who turned 11 this yr n has already started collecting (my mom blames me but my sister uses her own money she saves up)! Anyways that was the only one they bought me, the rest I have I had to save up to buy em.
  9. Dooney and bourke at 16, coach at 17. Just a couple months ago but I already have 6 coach pieces! Hooray but boo for my poor wallet!
  10. Many started young!!! Keep the stories coming!
  11. 17, it was a graduation gift from a friend. I used it every day my first year of college, and it held up through crazy parties and football games.
  12. I got my first Coach as a present for my 19th birthday from my 2 great girlfriends that I met at USC. They got me a purple signature and suede trim wristlet. It had a really cute tassel.


    My friends got me into handbags though I first started off buying Prada, Dior, and Gucci. Then this year, I started getting into Coach and now have quite a collection going lol. I need to post pics one of these days. My stupid camera is broken and am waiting to buy another one.
  13. My first piece of Coach I bought was all the way from Hong Kong. I've lived in California all my life. It took a vacation to Hong Kong, shopping at the Takashima shopping center for me to see the beauty of Coach. I was 21.

    I was never really into purses until that point.
  14. Well, not far behind....I was 38! Started a year earlier with DB bucket bag in anniversary brown, then a black on black DB small double handle tote, on to Kate Spade (does that count? I got rid of that one fast), then, a small coach bag...and it's been all downhill (or uphill!) from there. Current count is at 13 and growing!
  15. I was 23, and bought a British Tan flap bag (kind of a swingpack) that I still can't part with (it's great for travel). It took so much time before I had the courage to buy it!