What age did you buy your kid a cell phone?

  1. Our eldest is 9 and she got a cell phone from her birth mother for her communion. :push: DH and I felt that 9 was too early for her to have a smart phone and thought about taking it away. We sat Nicole down and told her what responsibilities she would have: a) if she loses the phone, it is gone; b) she will have to earn the money that goes onto her pre-paid card; c) phone is to be OFF during school hours unless an absolute emergency.

    Her phone is programmed so that she may only call me, DH, my mom, my grandmother and a close friend of ours. She also may not use the internet. She only uses the phone to ask if she can stay at a friend's house longer, etc..
  2. is it a feature of the smart phone that it is programmed to only call certain people on her contact list? seems like a great feature for a child's phone-- like some kind of parental block.
  3. These sound like my sentiments exactly! Thankfully will not be facing this issue for many years!
  4. Oh yes, the rules:

    1. No internet, unless permission is granted. He's 13 now, so I allow it at times.
    2. I have restricted texting to his contact list.
    3. If he misuses it, buh bye.
    4. I check all use.

    With the divorce, my younger ds may get one earlier than the older. For kids of divorce, easy access to the other parent is critical. My children should never have to ask my permission to call their father. Having their own phones allows them that access they deserve.
  5. I have to be honest and say I really have no clue. DHs friend is a computer wizz and knew what to do with the phone to create a "safe" list. I will ask him how he did it!
  6. Maybe newborns will have cellphones in future generations to automatically text their parents when they've got a stinky diaper ;)
  7. You handled a sticky situation well.
  8. Wouldn't be surprising. ;)
  9. LOL, cant wait for the stinky diaper detection app....