What age can you start using La Mer Moisturiser?

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  1. I'm 18, and I'm looking for a good moisturiser.
    But I always associate La Mer with people in their 30+, or like my mum's age or something.
    So what age can I use the moisturiser?
  2. Well 18 is a little young, but you can never start taking care of your skin too soon. More important is if your skin is dry. And even more important than that is using a good sun screen and staying out of the sun. It's hard when your young, but you'll be very happy you did when you're older. Use self tanner and you'll look better than all your friends at your reuniouns.
  3. i just turned 28 and started using La mer gel creme when i was 24
  4. I used it when I was 23 and I told one of my makeup SA and she said that its formulated for woman much older than 23 and said something about the elestaticy (sp?) in my skin will weaken with such early use. I stopped using it, also I don't think it really did anything and the price is outrageous, but I wanted to try it.
  5. You can start any time you want. However, it's a very expensive product to get addicted on. I'd suggest that you find an alternative that suits your skin. They offer Grande size for the moisturizing lotion and oil absorbing lotion, during spring season.
  6. I started using La Mer when I was 26, and I love it...I do think 18 may be a little young to begin using a product that's so concentrated, as you really don't need it at this point. Maybe you would want to start out with their sunscreen, which is really lightweight and less expensive. It's great that you are already taking steps to protect your skin...you will be so happy you did later in life.
  7. I started when I was 22 and even now I am reconsidering my decision. I've heard so many good things about Olay and it's so much easier on my wallet.

    Either way, everyone's skin is different and you just have to experiment to see what's going to work for you.
  8. I love La Mer. Use what you need though. Dior also makes great skincare.
  9. I started using it when I was 21, and don't think it's necessary for you to start now, but if you want you can. Now that I think about it, when I used it, I probably didn't need it. Right now I use Clarins, but Chanel and Philosophy are great too.
  10. I started when I was 31 (last year) and I think I started at the perfect time. My skin had never felt or looked better
  11. Technically, you can use La Mer at any age. Realistically though, there are plenty of fabulous moisturizers out there that would provide very similar results. Your most important anti-aging defense should be sunscreen and/or avoiding the sun in general.
  12. I'm 16 and use Elemis or the cheaper brand Dermalogica
    I believe that teens should just be taking care of their skin by washing it, not reversing it
  13. I was using La Mer at 23. You can use it at any age, provided that it is right for your skin needs. I always had normal to dry skin, even as a teen.