what affordable products you love or worth using it...

  1. My mum has been using Olay moisturizer since her teens years. And it does her skin wonder..She looks younger than her age(She's 50 and people said she looks like in her thirties-she wear it day and night before bedtime + face massaging technique). When people keep compliment her youthful complexion makes me want to try out it myself.

    I adore this soap (no fragrance added) and keep my skin from pimples and blackheads(I used to have a lot of pimples).

    Another thing that I like is microdermabrasion kit(especially the aluminium oxide scrub). I find after a few session my skin smoother, soft. supple and even tone. It's supposed to be use on face but I've been using for my other body parts. And liking the results.:yahoo:
  2. Cheap and favorite:
    Almay, Oil of Olay, and for me makeup--Black Opal
    St. Ives

    I also love this line NYC -- New York Color, sells at target and walmart. Cheat and is an awesome product.
  3. j&j baby products...oil, lotion, powder
  4. carmex lip balm (the kind in a tub), olay moisturizer (I use a bunch of other brands buy keep going back to olay), dial hand soap (I keep going back to this also).
    I don't remember what else right now but there's a few more.
  5. Oil of Olay all the way. My grandmother used and her skin was softer than a twenty year old. My mother swears by it, too. I hear it's great to start using when you're really young so I've been stocking up. Love their facial cleanser and moisturizer. :yes:
  6. Cherry chapstick

    Cetaphil lotion, at night
    Oil of Olay w/spf 15 , and in the summer Shiseido spf 55
  7. I love St. Ives lotion, the swiss vanilla one is my favorite. I also like vanilla mint chapstick, and all of the Nivea stuff.
  8. I love lavender/night time bath for babies to use as bubble bath. I get the Target brand and it is so cheap, but smells great and leaves your skin really soft.
  9. I love St. Ives lotion too :smile:
  10. Vaseline, J & J baby oil !
  11. Olay spf moisturizer
    Revlon mascara
    Whatever drugstore body lotion is on sale containing vanilla, cocoa butter, or fragrance free
    Revlon eyeliner
  12. Cetaphill cleanser
    Baby oil!
  13. Baby oil and def Vaseline. I can use my Vaseline for so many different things :graucho:
  14. I love Palmers Cocoa Butter body lotion. I get better results from this than any expensive cream I've tried and it smells divine!
  15. ^^^ oo yeah!! palmers is great!!!!! haven't used that in years!
    Nivea is cheap & works...

    J&J baby stuff is great too...