What advice would you give your 39 yr old self?


my little etoupe
May 5, 2006
Yup, this is for the older crowd ;)

I would have told myself:

- 40 isnt that bad
- watch what you eat
- stress kills (and doesn't help the aging process)
- try to sleep 7 hr a day
- wash your face, use skin scream and sunscreen
- fashion recycles
- things always work out


Aug 31, 2013
-- your teenage daughter will turn sweet, don't wish her away to college just yet (yes, you'll cry)
-- I know you can't wait for the kids to get their driver's licenses so you can stop all the running, but then you'll just lie awake at night til they get home
-- time to start staying out of the sun (actually you should have done this about 15 years ago)
-- buy the Chanel bags you want now, the price just keeps going up, up ,up!!
-- relax a little more
-- give son #2 more attention


* Be aware that all the gym-work and fitness you're doing now will probably lead to knee and hip problems in 10-15 years time - be careful :boxing:

* Make more time to see your parents and aunts and uncles because by the time you have more time theirs will be running down and you'll regret not doing it.

* Make a will now, not "in a few years time" - you do not know what's instore for the future.

* Enjoy everything you have, you are very fortunate in life :smile: