what accompanies a birkin??

  1. hi girls!! ^^

    I wanted to know what is included with a birkin when i buy one?? eg. box dustbag.

  2. Box, 2 dustbags (1 for bag another for the little accessories), clochette, keys, cadena, rain kit, leather care booklet. Box will have tissue paper cushions.
  3. lock, keys, clochette holder, dustbag (bag and clochette), box, rainkit and a pillow and blanket for the bag (the tissues)!

    Mine never came with a leather bookcare.
  4. I think it's box, dustbag, raincoat, clochette, lock, keys... perhaps some form of air pack that helps the bag keep its shape (at least picotin had that).

    But Birkin owners would probably be more helpful :smile:

    ETA: Woops, already answered by others... I'm so slow this morning :biggrin:
  5. Hey! I never got a leather care booklet!?!:shrugs:
  6. hey, me too! :shrugs:

    Besides the items mentioned, mine also comes with an orange felt cloth with holes - It's placed in between the bag and the flap when the bag is closed (acts like a protective shield). I have this on my HAC as well :flowers:
  7. me neither :crybaby:
  8. I think I read somewhere here that they just introduced the leather care pamphlet.
  9. Welcome to the forum and have fun!
  10. I purchased a Birkin last month and it was the first time I received a leather care booklet. Very similar to the ones you see in some LV bags. I can photograph it if anyone wants!

    Just FYI, it looks like the font used in the gold/silver stamping on the leather and on the engraving of the hardware have changed slightly! I noticed this on my Fuchsia Kelly 28 and on the new Birkin!
  11. Oti, I had discussed this with you on another thread. I purchased a Birkin with the new font on the hardware. Then, I purchased a Kelly about a month after the Birkin and noticed the font was the old one. I brought this up with my SA and he's uncertain about what's going on. I believe, they're changing the font but may still have some old hardware still lying around that needs to be used up.

    Disclaimer: I am merely speculating. Please no one run with this.
  12. HG, yes, I have a Kelly Elan made this year that has the old font, too. I received it around the same time I bought the Fuchsia Kelly 28 (May 2006), which has the new font.

    Perhaps they're just phasing out the old font and bringing in the new slowly. I'll ask around, too.
  13. I love that Birkins and Kellys come with so many goodies!
    I'm curious about the new font - could someone post a close-up pic sometime?

  14. Hiya GT, sure, I can photograph the fonts of new and old bags later!

    I tell you, if someone saw me doing this they'd think I was nuts!
  15. ^^ Thanks, OT!!!! I think most people thing ALL of us are nuts!