What accessory to put my cc's in?

  1. I carry the speedy 30, and I have the zippered compact wallet. I like to keep my credit cards in a separate case. I also like all the cards in one compartment if you know what I mean. Not a case with slots on both sides.
  2. How about a cles?
  3. a cles or a ludlow wallet...
    come cles's (?)
    dont have enough room for ccs though...
  4. cles cles cles!!!!! im getting one for this purpose, along with random change and whatnot. if you do a search on cles, you'll see tons of threads where people have actually stuffed like 10 ccs inside one cles, depending on which line the cles is from. perfo stuffs the most, along with mono and damier, and vernis/suhali hold the least, i believe.
  5. I'm dying for a cles for this purpose! How convenient to have everything on your keyring!
  6. Get a cute cles! YES!:yahoo:
  7. How about a mini pochette accessory? Anyone have one of those?
  8. I was looking at the Rabat on line. Did you ever see one irl? How many cards could it hold?
  9. I agree with getting the cles!
  10. the credit card case ;)
  11. A steal at 125.00

  12. Cles or Credit Card Case.
  13. The cles is nice! The regular mono cleses will fit in CCs. I have the compact zip wallet and I actually bought one of those CC flip-thingys and put it in one of the CC slots to hold the rest of mine. It's a big hint that I need to get rid of some cards LOL
  14. Definitely a cles, although for easier access, I'd get the credit card holder. The cles is just nice and handy since it has a hook, so it can go on keys as well ! :yes: