What accessory to hang off the tivoli?

  1. I just bought my Tivoli Pm and I LOVE her to pieces!
    I kinda want to give her a lil edge.
    I was thinking an accessory to hang off her.

    any ideas? what will look best with her?
  2. I was thinking about that too for my gm...it's just an odd little space, that buckle...you can maybe fit more on the pm cause it's a wide space but im curious what, if any accessory one can hang off the gm.

    let's make this a what can you hang off a gm tivoli and pm tivoli if it's ok? lol...
  3. absolutely! open to suggestion and interpretation!

    i really like the keychain/bag accessory that has a little camera and sunglasses, but i dont want to spend that much money on a piece that is so small and will just hang.
    i mean, i don't know how a cles would look hanging off. and i can't think what my other options are!
  4. if u want a charm and u dont want to spend a lot.. u can look at the juicy ones! they have a variety and theyre very reasonably priced... i think aroudn 60 dolalrs? they are kinda short so u might need to get a chain.. .

    i got a rocking horse from last christmas' collection and i hang it on my azur speedy... the color goes well with it too! :smile: they have a lot of cute holiday ones this year... gingerbread house is sooo adorable.
  5. ah, thats right! i forgot about the juicy charms! ok, we are off to a nice start, decorating the new tiv pm
  6. Any pictures? I love them also the coach ones are pretty too! :graucho:
  7. I hang a leo zodiac from Juicy. It's a lion head with crystal crown. The lion head is brown, so it goes well with my Tivoli. I agree with sheen.., if you don't want to spend much money on charm, check out Juicy collection. There are so many cute charms that you can choose.
  8. oh, im a leo, that would be perfect!
  9. A cles? Or maybe that'd be a little too big.. Mulberry or Coach letter charms would also be cute for an initial or as already mentioned, starsigns.