What accessory can't you live without???

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  1. Officially on a purse ban...but, wonder what smaller LV items people feel are good to add to ones small humble collection...what small goods are people collecting????
  2. I don't collect small items because I am too cheap. I think 4 small items = 1 bag .
  3. very good point bagnbags...instead save up for another bag....

    I do think that the cles and the pouchette accessoire are very useful because they attach to the D ring and keep my bags so organized...love the pouchette accessoire and I have seen it on the celeb thread double has a clutch.....2 in 1 bag so good value...a wallet is also a nice piece...

    what accessories do most people have in their collection???

    ME...I have the following:
    pouchette groom wallet
    mono cles
    pouchette accessoires
  4. Im in love with LV wallets, cles, and key rings!!

    I got 3 key rings, 1 cles and 1 wallet in past 3 weeks!!!:yahoo:
  5. I don't know....some people may think I'm totally batty but I think having small LV accessories is so classy. I can see where some people may think it is a waste...and I don't think I could ever shell out $600 for one of their wallets (that IS a bag).
    I LOVE my 6 ring key holder and my Wapity. I pulled out my keys the other day and my friend was like "wow even your key chains are fancy" I guess I like to get fancy with the "little stuff" too!
  6. My had to have accessories: My ~white MC porte tresor wallet~ and matching ~white MC cles~, ~white MC wapity~, ~Cerises long zip wallet~ and matching ~Cerises cles~, and my ~framboise small ring agenda~.
  7. does LV Vernis Ludlow Wallet have red or pinkish color available? I love that cute wallet.:crybaby:
  8. I love the Cles because it's an easy and somewhat affordable way to have at least a small piece of a lot of collection. I leave my license in whatever Cles I'm using, and then I just grab it and go if I'm just driving my kids to school or whatever really quick.
  9. i would only spend $$ on a cles + inclusion pieces ...
  10. I don't think a wallet (mine is a koala and I love it), a small poche toilette, a cles, and a porte monnaie (sp?) rond are out of the question! Plus, I have a cigarette case and am thinking about an eyeglasses case if they have one. Plus, I would like a wapity.
  11. IMO the must-haves are at least an agenda and a cles! I use them every single day. I don't even have a "proper" wallet, I just use the cles. The agenda holds any cards that I don't put into my cles.

  12. Red is a discontinued color, but you can still find it on Ebay sometimes. Framboise is available in the boutique's still (that's a pink color). If you really want something red, there is also a red Epi Ludlow available. :flowers:
  13. I must clarify, I don't buy accessories from every lines and get every single colors..I bought some wallets, a cles, inclusion, keychain..no wapity yet..
    As much as I don't want to spend much on accessories, I love inclusions, bubbles and some key chains

    Wallet, cles, agenda are pretty important accessories IMO.have them but don't collect them..
  14. :tender: :tender: Thank you LittlePanda, for answering my question.
  15. Cles cles cles ! :yes:

    And the pochette extender, love it ! :yes: