What accessories should I wear w/this dress?

  1. [​IMG]
  2. I think a high ponytail with longer earrings (gold, preferably) and a nice watch or bracelet (don't wear anything too heavy)

    definitely play up your eyes with this look (individual lashes here and there would be beautiful with a brown smokey eye and a natural lip.)
  3. I would only wear bangles and a simple earring. The dress has enough going on...you don't want to wear anything on the neckline.
  4. thanks.
    What color shoes should I go with?
  5. I picture it with flat strappy chocolate thong sandals

    ugh, I wish I had a scanner. I'd totally draw you a picture about how I visualize your outfit.

    let me see if I can at least find some dang shoes that I'm talking about online

    ok, kinda like this
  6. i picture them with a peep toe shoe with a hidden platform. Also I vote for keeping acessories pretty simple/minimal.
  7. I agree. And simple bangles, too, I can't tell if the dark color is black or brown, but if it is black, I would do the earrings and bangle (no more than three, and total width not to exceed one inch) in black pearl, faux or non-faux doesn't matter. How it harmonizes with the dark color in that dress does.

    If it's brown, then brown pearl. :smile: Or as close as you can get to that look, nothing with sparkles or rhinestones or crystals, and wood won't go, but enamel will. So plain enamel, which you can simulate with acrylic paint and gloss finish polyurethane, if you neither have nor have time to shop for, simple enamel bangles and earrings.

    If you are to have any metal showing, gold rather than silver, but if you can avoid it, I would. Just have your dark, glossy but not glittery, elegant, simple to the point of stark pearl or enamel bangle - earring things, and the two of those do not have to match exactly, but they must go together, and of course both must go with the dress.

    Depending on various factors, I would do probably shoes to match the dark, brown or black, whichever it is, or slate, my monitor cannot be bothered with details, only principles.

    And the operative principle here is that your only other shoe choice will be red, and if you were to do that, the color of the red would need to be closer to the red of the dress than might be the case with some outfits, just because there are no other colors in the mix to give you any wiggle room, so unless the event, the attendees, and your own personality, mood and whim all harmonically converge in the presence of shoes that are just the right red, then you should do shoes that go with the dark color, black, brown slate, whatever it is. Dark, dress-color shoes.

    And since I am opposed to crippling and harmful footwear as a talisman of women as commercial product, commodity, property, I will suggest that those shoes be either plain satin ballet flats or very strappy little sandals with an elegantly slutty little kitten heel. (You see? I am not so uncompromising as you may have thought)

    Your bag should follow the same principle as bling and shoes - Dark dress color, sleek, glossy without being glittery. A plain satin NotChanel, except also Not Quilted would be perfect. And without rhinestones on the clasp, because you are going to be a glitz free zone on this occasion. Just the proportions and top flap of the NotChanel is what I am thinking of, but in satin. And plain. Stark.

    And please resist the urgings of those who will try to talk you into wearing red lipstick, bringing over corner-cracked overflowing shoeboxes and proclaiming they have one that is exactly the color of your dress. Just say no. There are many reasons why, but I am trying to be more ADD friendly, so just trust me on this one, or I can do a separate post explaining all the reasons.

    Anyway, your makeup goal is to be as subtle as you can get without slipping too close to that dangerous dress wearing you cliff from which every blonde with a red dress must dangle (I am assuming that is you in the pictures. If you are a brunette, holla and I will revise the following paragraph accordingly)

    Do a tinted moisturizer, concealer where you need it, top with translucent loose powder matched to your neck, a touch of blush (yes, where the sun hits your face) in as close to a neutral, meaning neither coraline nor cerise, as you can get and will look good on you. I can't see your eyes, so I can't really tell you how to do your shadow, but I can tell you that this is one night that you not only can but should do a soft, subtle version of a "smoky eye," using brown pencil smudged with a pointy Q-tip, and topped with just the teeeensiest smooshette of dark brown powder applied with a 1/8" angle brush or a clean pointy Q-tip. Follow whatever eyeliner rules look good on you, whether you look better with more smudge in the middle, outside corner, all the way across, that depends on your own unique eyes. Finish up with dark brown masacara, I did a whole rant on mascara, it is around somewhere, and unless your eyes have some really unusual feature that would preclude it, put some mascara on your lower lashes too, in case you don't usually. On lips, just completely clear gloss, no color at all. Make it last longer by putting some Burt's Bees or other high wax - and colorless - product on first, then the clear gloss. Do your nails clear or the sheerest of sheer pink. Do NOT attempt to have them match or go with either dress color.

    Use a perfume that is just a little more "exotic" than you normally use, like Shalimar, even L´Heure Bleu, or if you are a fragrance tweaker, take some plain Bulgarian rose and just surprise it with a little sandalwood, or if you're lucky enough to have access to any some oud.

    Smile at everyone as if you knew a delicious and hilariously embarrassing secret about them, and were still undecided on the question of whether to reveal it to all present, and that will complete your look!