What accessories go with the Speedy?

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  1. I am think about purchasing the Speedy 30, but I am unsure of what accessories to go with it. Pictures will be helpful. Thanks!
  2. anything. you could use any cles, any bandeau, any hermes twilly, basically anything goes well with speedies

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  3. A Bandeau, a Mini Pochette Accesoires, a Cles, a charm..
    Almost anything can be paired up with a Speedy! :smile:
  4. I love to hang the key rings off my speedys. And the best thing, they always come out with GREAT key rings!!!
  5. I like to match my bandeau/twillys to the bag but the tapage bag charm is tdf


  6. I didn't know if people wore scarfs on Louis Vuitton like they do on Coach.
  7. My favorite on all Speedys and Almas regardless of pattern is the Pastilles Keychain.
  8. I have a Cerises Rond I hang from my Mono Speedy 35 and I also just bought a Rose Pop T&B keychain. The pink *pop* of color looks amazing! :smile:

    I also bought the Rose Pop heart and Oh My Gosh..that is :drool: on my Speedy!
  9. the new heart accesories are amazing, I would go fo one of them