What accessories came in denim?

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  1. Calling all veteran MJ fans!!!

    Does anyone know what (if) any accessories came in the blue denim color? I have the lg mp from "the Devil Wears Prada"...wondering if I should waste my time on evil bay scouring for matching accessories..haha u all know how I love to match! TIA ladies!!!;)
  2. i'm almost positive there was a zc made in denim. good to see you back, emmy! :hugs:
  3. ^ thanx..if anyone sees this stuff on evil bay lmk!! Actually..this is how I scored the lg denim mp...I posted that I wanted it and someone pm'd me late night on my computer...lol I WAS going to go to bed but ended up emailing the seller back & forth--we agreed on a price and she de-listed it for me..(swoon!) Yeah..I'm always here keeping up on stuff....just lotsa times I don't have time to post..:tdown:
  4. i think there was a denim zc too - i swear i have seen one on ebay before. i will keep my eyes peeled hon! :heart:
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  6. That zc is so pretty! Did that come with gold hw?

  7. No -- Denim had the polished silver hardware