What accessories are in at Balenciaga NY?

  1. I've been kind of obsessed w/ this issue, I know :shame: But does anyone know when is the latest date all of the accessories arrive? I've been calling around for a certain item, and I'm trying to collect as much info as I can...

  2. I don't know the accessories, but I just called Kim there to revise my list: no to the Marine City and Naturel First, and yes to the Anthracite City and Cafe Twiggy. She's supposed to call me back to let me know if the Cafe is in yet (the Anthracite will be a while longer, I think), so if it's in and I go down to look at it within the next week or so, do you want me to ask for a particular accessory?
  3. ^^^high~ do you know if they have argyle in yet???? TIA
  4. I just called there last nite and was told they are doing inventory ??? and have LOTS of coin purses ... Ink, Cornflower, Cafe, Truffle, Cognac,
    3 different Greens .... that's all I can remember :shame:
  5. Oh wait, pretty sure she said White, Black, Lilac, pale Pink .... OK, now that's all I remember :p
  6. Thanks queen.

    High, yes please! :biggrin: I'm waiting for a green Makeup.
  7. queen~ thanks for the update! You are on top of things! YAY!!!!!!!!!
  8. spiral~ good luck! I hope you get the make-up!!!!!
  9. I didn't ask, though I probably should have since I keep changing my mind about which colors I want!

    Kim said the warehouse is closed for the holiday until the end of next week. The store will then get its next shipment the week after, including most likely some Cafe Twiggies.

    She doesn't think Anthracite will come in until mid-February now! :sad:
  10. What holiday?? Did I miss something??