what about....

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  1. guys! what do you think about a burgundy rocker (no studs nor 3 zippers) just a smaller zipper in the front like the benjamins pouch has with thin unfinished tassels on both zippers (top and front). Also the rebecca minkoff plate in the front and silver hardwear....
    I will love this bag , do you think rebecca could make it ? and would anybody be interested in this for like a special order :graucho:?
  2. hmm.. that sounds kool. I wonder... how much it would be?
  3. i think that sounds AMAZINGLY hot! I don't know if you could call it a rocker then, because it's the studs that give it that "rocker" glam. perhaps she should come out with a studless one and call it something different! But I would love a rocker without studs!! O:huh::huh:o! Orange haze!!! Good idea!:tup:
  4. Orange Haze rocker would be awesome without studs, and the all the zippers! FAO- you may want to email Codi and see if its a possibility. :tup:
  5. ok desi but do you think they will make just one for me or we need more girls for like a special order?
    i haven't seen orange haze , i'll try to find it!!
  6. Most special orders require at least 8 people, and some require more.
  7. Nah, I am too attached to studs.
  8. No, Fao, they will not just make one. It usually has to be 8 girls or more interested it they can make the bag here in the US factory. If its made in the China factory (where it appears a lot of the stud bags are), then it requires 25 or more people. Codi should be able to confirm for you.