What about your Koobas and Rainy Weather.....

  1. Well, it's Southwestern Florida during the rainy season and it rains practically every single day in the afternoon or early evening. Maybe even in the morning. Very sporatic. And we get torrential downpours, but across the street it will be sunny. So, do you baby your Koobas in the rain, or maybe switch out to something else? I haven't treated my Jessie or Sienna, but when I know for sure that there is more than a 40 percent chance of rain, I get out a purse that doesn't mind raindrops on it. I even went so far as to put my bag in a plastic garbage bag when I left work in the rain. Am I worried about water spots for nothing??
  2. I know exactly what you mean, Rose. I'm in northcentral Florida. Earlier this week, went to work and it was sunny. Went to hospital for a meeting and when I came out, it was pouring. Had my black distressed Sienna. My little LV umbrella wasn't a whole lot of help. Bag and I both got soaked. She's since dried out and looks fine but had been treated with Wilson's.
  3. Oh - that's a good question! Being that we're having a drought...boo.....I haven't had to think about that much (no seriously - it's only rained 1/2 inch in a year!)....but I might be a bit scared of water spots. I would never wear say like the desert lambskin leather, but I wouldn't mind the black. Did the ivory colors get spotted? I don't know Compass. I think I might change over into a leather that I might not be so fearful of????
  4. I hear that Wilson's really works wonders, but I am so paranoid about treating my purse, and I am more paranoid about stupid water spots! Sheesh! I change out my bags at least every other day, but I have been sheltering my two Koobas in my closet, and I should get out there and wear them because I love them so much! I know that Lexie likes Wilson's, too....
  5. You got only 1/2 inch in a year???? OMG! I couldn't imagine it. We get at least that with every rainfall......each day....during June through mid September!
  6. Oh, I think you're smart to be careful which bags go out in the rain and bring an extra garbage bag to keep them safe!

    I live in a rainy climate but we don't get torrential downpours believe it or not...more of spitty drizzle or light steady rain when it rains. Anyway, I have so far not had any problems with my Sienna in desert in the (light) rain as the spots dry quickly, but she would not be my first choice in a downpour!

  7. I was scared at first to treat my bags with Wisons but Lexie insured me it would be alright. After you put it on it dries and is just fine. I have only done my lighter color bags havent done any black ones yet. I dont think I would take mine out in a storm without some sort of treatment. Wilson works wonders!
  8. If you haven't tried Wilson's yet...please do. You will regret being afraid to use it one day. I have done all of my bags in all the odd leathers and it has harmed none of them. I do 2 treatments.

    I like to use my Jillian and Jessie and the bags that have a finish to them. The rain runs right off them and they don't suffer. I have a washed Cow Leather bag from Andrea Breuckner that I would not want to get in the rain. It's been treated but those soft unfinished leathers spot. It rains here alot (For the next 5 days supposedly) so I just try to be careful.
  9. I have used both Wilson's and Appleguard, liking the Wilson's best (not sure why though). LMB said the Appleguard had a harsher pH so my next can will be Wilson's.

    I spray all of my bags and have never had a water spot on a Kooba, not ever. And like Lexie, think the pebbly ones like the Jesse can fair more easily.

    The only water spot I have ever gotten was on a Linea Pelle Dylan small tote. That leather is washed leather and perhaps more absorbent than others. Even though it was treated, water will spot it abit. It didn't bother me though.
  10. Pursegrrl and I live in the same rainy climate and I carry a small plastic bag with me to slip my bag into, in case of more than a very slight drizzle. For downpours though, I pull out my Coach Soho hobos for the day. That leather can take anything.
  11. I think, after reading through all of these posts, I just might go out to the Wilson store at our outlet mall and get some of their protectant and give it a try. Not one person said that the stuff destroyed their leather or changed the color a couple of notches! We are expecting more storms by this afternoon again.
  12. It's great stuff. Lexie put me onto it. Even my smooth Renee mocha champagne bag weathered an afternoon thunderstorm. Not a single spot.
  13. I won't be near a Wilson's for awhile and it has been raining a lot in NYC, can the protectant from Aerosoles be any good? I have a Kooba Claudia and desert.

    I had a HUGE problem myvery 1st week with the bag... really bad, horrible, wanted to cry. I carry my make-up and, ahem perfume... you know where this is going, right? The perfume opened and spilled in, yes, I have a dark spot on 1 side of the bag now. :crybaby: