What about white ?

  1. Which bag......
  2. Miranda, please...
  3. this caught my eye in white....

  4. oooh white Ali please!!!!!!
  5. oh this is going to be interesting
  6. The white Miranda is stuck in my head and I can't get her out!!
  7. Ali all the way :yes:
  8. Ali
  9. Ali!!!!!!!!!!
  10. miranda for me
  11. Ali or Leigh (Gardenia)
  12. I think you know already what Im gonna say:yes: .......of course its a white patent ergo! Amazingly easy to clean!:tup: And soooo fun to dress up!!
    Ebay Pics 764.jpg
  13. I say white carly!
  14. I was thinking this ....
    [​IMG] but concerned it wont hold enough...

    I like one compared to the one (10743)

    with the turnlock, just because i would be able to use the front pocket.

    I dont own a plain white bag. I have my scribble and lv mc bag.

    Anyone have this bag ?
  15. I have that tote in chocolate brown, but I've been thinking about getting a white tote in the larger size. I love the white leather with the legacy stripe, it's so pretty. And I think it would be the perfect spring/summer bag. Plus the ergo totes hold a TON!