1. As we have a very beautiful Hermes store in Vienna there have to be some Hermes lovers in town too. How about a Hermes-bag-cometogether in Vienna style for coffee in one of our famous Coffeehouses like the "Demel"?
  2. That sounds incredible! I only wish I could join the fun!!!!
  3. Dang, I was just in Vienna last weekend. Yeap, the Hermès boutique is in a lovely location.
  4. OH>>>>>>>>I miss Graben:heart:, and Demels Guglhupf:drool:, my favorite shopping place ever erster Bezirk:tup:
  5. Maybe we get the chance in the future to meet for a Gugelhupf!
  6. sure!!! next time if I stop by, would like to PM u:tup:
  7. Vienna? Did I hear Vienna? (hello2703 wakes from her drowsy sleep.....).

    Let me know when you plan on going, it's not far away from Budapest and I need to do some Hermes retail therapy!
  8. This sounds like a real good holiday! As there are not so many European members at the purseforum it might get a small meeting ... Vienna is my homebase - and some sweets from Demel are always right for me. Just shoot away with a short message some days in adv!
  9. i may be in vienna in december (fingers crossed) and would LOVE to visit the hermes shop and go for something sweet afterwards!
  10. dressage queen How nice! You'll love it with all the Christmas lights on Graben and Kohlmarkt. I have definitly time and am in town (ex. 22-24th - then I'm starting with the Christmas-tree and celebrating with the family)
  11. it's actually a trip for the christmas markets! four days in vienna and then 4 on the danube to budapest and bratislava. i'm suggesting to the family that we skip the christmas presents and go on a christmas trip instead. and i can be pretty persuasive. :graucho:
  12. Christmas markets! That is really romantic! My favourites are the two infront of Schoenbrunn Castle and Belvedere Castle. So we have to drink Punsch with our pastries.
  13. YES YES YES Let's all meet up in Vienna!!!!
    DQ, I would love to see you TWICE! In Vienna AND Budapest.
    Let's do it!!! Missmarbella would come too?
  14. Oh my gosh, DQ, that trip sounds heavenly! Can I stow away in your luggage?
  15. we'll need to go worship at the SRS, i think - eh? once our dates are settled i'll look what's going on there.