What about Versace?

  1. I was just wondering why there isn't a Versace forum here. Am I the only fan? I think the Medusa logo is the best icon in fashion. Is it just me?
  2. I think they don't get a lot of coverage here because Versace doesn't really focus a lot of attention on handbags, and what they have put out recently has been ... very Donatella.
  3. I agree, I've seen some nice Versace bags esp. the newer ones but it's not known to be a handbag house.
  4. Or maybe though they have great stuff they are not doing enough PR about it (look what a mini histoire can do). They don't have as much magazine coverage / spotlight either. I think their quilted black patent handbag is awesome, but it was not in ELLE's blurb about black handbags in the past issue.
  5. I bought a genuine Versace messenger bag on eBay, a few months ago to bring on holiday. But when it arrived it was tiny and practically useless. I should have studied the dimensions more closely. To be honest though, Versace isn't the first name to come up re handbags.
  6. The same thing happened to me last year.

    I bought a genuine Versace on eBay and when it arrived it was way smaller than what I thought. And I have never used it ~ big waste of $400.

    Live & learn!!!!
  7. Versace doesn't seem to make handbags for everyday in a functional sense. I love Versace's eyeglasses, I've been a collector for 5 years but I can't give their handbags a second look. Also I think they're ridiculously overpriced.
  8. I've wondered that too, but you can start a thread here (the L.A.M.B. fans have one here as well)
  9. I love quite a few of the Versace handbags I've seen online but I don't believe I have ever seen any of them IRL! They are very pricey and it's much harder to part with $2,500 for something you "think" is fabuous than say a $300 HH! DOesn anyone havepics of their Vbag?
  10. oh oh! today I went to this store that had versace handbags! I thought they were beautiful XD lol, when I have enough money someday I'll buy a versace bag, meanwhile I'll continue looking around for something more affordable >.<