What about using Louis Vuitton White Murakami in Winter?


Dec 8, 2005
It's such a dreary day here & I was thinking that carrying my LV White Speedy tonight might cheer me up. However, it is the middle of winter. Do you ladies think this is exclusively a summer bag? Thanks!


A BAL-enced Life!
Dec 6, 2005
Okay ... I guess you could call me the "downer" here, but I would be careful with the White Murakami bag in the wintertime (I saw that you are in the Midwest which gets similar weather to here in the Northeast).

I took my White Murakami out one winter day, and wouldn't you know, it started snowing. Not that I was concerned about the snow, but then as I was walking back from the parking lot to my car, a snow plow came by and proceeded to spray the ground and ME with all the sand & dirt. There is a reason why L/V put documentation in their bags indicating that they can stain ... THEY DO! Needless to say, my bag looks like it had dirt dumped on it (even though I tried to clean it up using mild soap & water).

Long story short ... I would be careful ... you can ruin this bag on a bad winter day.


*I want to keep on playin
Oct 15, 2005
I say use it in the winter, it looks good in the summer, as well winter... and this coming year, the spring line is clean, soft colors..(black and White) So your carrying on from winter chic, to spring-summer ...