What about this guy!!??

  1. :smile:Just posting a photo of this little red devil - he is a Siberian - parents from Russia (obviously with love!) The other kitten is posing as a sofa!! - both photos taken at 11 weeks old!

    Check out his paws!! :nuts:
    01.jpg 02.jpg
  2. Oh he is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. :yes:I'm contemplating having him...........I just need to make up my mind. I have 2 mogs and 1 snow leopard bengal - and I recently lost my 14 year old friend and companion, who is irreplaceable - but there is a space in my heart - and this little bundle keeps making me think ............ should it be him??
  4. Oh get him, get him!
    He is sooo adorable!
  5. :nuts:I know...........he is beautiful - I think he will be big and the Siberian is a semi-longhaired cat - so when he gets bigger he will be like WOW!!

    Your babies are gorgeous!!:smile:
  6. He is stunning and he looks like a sweetie! I love the coloring too! He will be gorgeous when he grows up!
  7. That cat is awesome!!! he is gonna be huge. :biggrin:
  8. :smile:He's apparently very laid back - I think his sofa friend might agree with that!!

    I love red cats - my Viki was cream and white - he was very handsome too, this little baby is different - but I think he has that same expression IKWIM. :smile:
  9. Red cats are sweethearts! :nuts: Get himmmmmmm :yahoo: He's gonna be sooo gorgeous as an adult with those paws :heart:
  10. :smile:Hi - yes he is!! I'm really tempted!!

    I see your reference to Jeter - I found a poem and posted it for DQ - it made me cry after my cat - but I thought it had nice sentiments!:heart:
  11. What a GORGEOUS baby!
  12. He definately looks laid back and like he would be the type to enjoy cuddling.

    I also love red cats. My parents used to have a red somali who was fluffy like this guy. His red was more like a fox and his fluffy tail completely looked like a fox tail. My my mom once took the somali in his carrier to the salon because she wanted her colorist to aim for his color for her hair. It was pretty funny when they matched.

  13. :smile:Somali cats are beautiful! I'll bet your Mum looked great with her colour co-ordinated cat!! and hair!!

    These Siberians when they are adults have tails like a foxes brush! This little guy is just SO gorgeous. I just need to make sure that he is for me! He needs a new mummy - and I need something - but we need to be right for each other! I'm a cataholic - but need to know that its right!
  14. Thanks!!!:upsidedown:
  15. Love him..he's soooo precious!