What about this Coach? I'm obsessed...

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  1. I seem to be obsessed with this Coach bag. I love the ocean and I think this is totally fun for spring/summer.

    Please share your honest opinions. Thanks.
    p.s. It's on sale for $249
  2. Personally, I don't "get" this bag. But then again, we all love different things. If you like it, you can afford it without going broke, and you'd use it. I think you should get what makes you happy.
  3. sorry, what bag? i can't see it..
  4. Sorry. Dont like it.
  5. Here's the picture...[​IMG]
  6. pat, I think it's cute. Plus it's on sale. Yay from me.
  7. Great price!! I saw a lady with one over the weekend and it looked weird and "childish" on her. But if you can pull it off, why not!!
  8. I love it!
  9. I like it much better with a white leather background... with the CC's, its way too busy.
  10. I don't like it personally.
  11. if you are obsessed then you must have it, esp on sale! ask a Valentine or treat yourself
  12. Love Coach... but I don't love this bag... sorry
  13. same here...:sad:
  14. I think if it's something that you can see yourself using, go for it. Personally, there is a bit too much going on for me.
  15. I would personally stay away from it. I don't think you would use it again next season and its a little pricey to use for a few months and tuck away in the closet.
Thread Status:
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