What about this bag?

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  1. I just saw this bag online today and I :heart: it. I was wondering tho if anyone has seen it in person how is the blue? Is it lighter like the pic or more of a dark navy? I have never owned a patent leather bag before. How are they to care for? Are they durable and easy to care for. Again I will say this would be an everyday bag and would have to stand up to myself and 2 small kids.

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  2. Coachgirl12 has it in this navy...and a nice denim printed scarf on it.
    There are pics....try searching?
    It's very lovely in real life.
  3. IMO the color in the picture is off...It looks like a true navy IRL ...darker than the color in the picture. It is very pretty.
  4. That is a fabulously gorgeous bag! I don't know how it would stand up, but :drool:. They are not in the stores any longer though:crybaby:
  5. Thank you I did a search and found the pics :yes:
  6. Hmm I just saw this one online at Dillards. It says it is available :yes:
  7. I remember reading some posts about people having problems with the leather on the handles stretching and the bag losing its shape (becoming more triangular) with frequent use. Something to look into if you plan on using it as an everyday bag and if you tend to carry heavier stuff in your purses :smile:
  8. I too was contemplating this bag back in June. I passed on it cause of being the patent leather and wearing more than the regular leather bags.