What about these CL's?

  1. ORDER THEM!!:yes: They are beautiful, and are a pretty neutral color that you can wear with just about anything..

  2. Those are pre-order though. I hate that I always want things now! LOL
  3. I actually like the second ones better.. And I know exactly what you mean about that darn pre-order stuff! It's like you get so excited to see something new, you check on your size and then it says its not going to be in for another 2-3 months:cursing: ! LOL

  4. Okay I am pre-ordering the second pair. I have already pre-ordered a ton of shoes. LOL I will be in overload!

    These (I am thinking about getting these in red also?)


    and these (there are Gucci though!)

  5. I've been eyeing the first ones as well, the heel is 4 inches, but I think the second pair is even more gorgeous :love:
  6. I prefer the second pair as well, but the first pair is also gorgeous and classic! :flowers:

    edit: Oh, and 100mm is 10cm (about 3.93 inches, I think)
  7. Gorgeous shoe, gorgeous colour.

    I think you would get alot of wear out of these babies, and they are a practical hieght into the bargain :smile:

    gorgeous ;)
  8. I think the color is fabulous - great nude that you can wear with so many things!
  9. I love those slingbacks!!!
  10. Nude makes your legs look longer...they're all gorgeous!! I just got my first pair of CL's yesteday ;)
  11. I like them.
  12. I would definitely go for the first pair (pointy toe) - classic shape that works with everything.
  13. I love the slingbacks as well. I also love the guccis.