What about these apples??

  1. Sorry about so many yay or nay threads, but I was just wondering what you guys thought about these apple pendants?? They are both made from jade. Thanks!

    (pic from hsn.com)
  2. I think those are cute, but it really depends on your style. If you think that they would add a nice touch to your outfits -- then get them! :smile:
  3. Ahh that was my 100th post! WOW :yahoo:
  4. Yay
  5. I think they're cute, and if they ship overseas I'm going to get one of each color for myself (My parents have a little apple tree farm where pure apple juice and apple chips are being made. I love apples :smile: )
  6. Very cute!!
  7. very cute
  8. they're adorable, if i saw them somewhere i would for sure buy them, go for it.:yes:
  9. very cute!!
  10. OMG that would be so cute for my son's teacher!! Thanks!!
  11. they'd be fab for a teacher gift! (like sygmata said. and i personally love both colors....but if pressed would prefer the red.)

    however, i like them much better for a bracelet than a necklace....and it doesn't seem like the attachment clasp (anyone else have a better term?) seems suited for bracelet? :shrugs:

    also if you're not a teacher/grad student going into teaching/getting this as a teacher gift....i'm not a fan. i guess there's a lot of "ifs'. :s
  12. I loooove those!
  13. they don't ship overseas.

    ah well.
  14. love them! for any apple lover, and I would rather see one on a necklace than on a bracelet