What about the "Cloth Tag" thing?

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  1. Hey my lovely LV lovers,

    Recently I've been aware that there are issues about LV made in USA have cloth tag, just wondering does it mean the date code tag or the "made in XXX" tag? has LV already changed it for their USA product?

    I'm from Australia so I'm pretty sure that there is no cloth tag now, and most of the product we got are made in Spain or made in France.

    Thanks in advance if someone could help~:smile: coz it does make me a bit concern for the tag thing when considering purchase on Ebay or other source.
  2. Yes, I'm in Australia too and have been perplexed by this talk too. I got a Raspaill last week for my birthday, made in France and no cloth tag .
  3. the cloth tags are only for the made in usa bags
  4. There is a cloth tag on made in USA but the date code tags are still in the bag on leather not on the cloth tag.
  5. So, I just got off the phone with customer service placing an order and asked about the cloth tag..She said they are going away completely with the leather tab saying where it its being made. She told me that the tags will even say MIF or MIS of imported materials and all bag will have the tag. She said the bags are all made of the same European materials and nothing has changed bag-wise. Also, she mentioned the Artsy handle is made in India due to the braiding of the handle..I did not know this.