What about the ADA....

  1. Okay, I know a lot of you said that the sienna would be more practical over the jillian due to size. What about the ada since it's bigger. I don't know why but I really like the studs on the bag....gives it character.....

    Problem, I'm not finding any on eBay or anywhere else I look. Is this next to impossible or do I keep waiting.

    My DH found out about the mishap with the bag (he knew I was getting it but wondered why my daughters were playing (I'm the mom) with my bag??? He wasn't too happy about it and then gave me a lecture about why I didn't just get a new bag from a reputable place....

    So now I get the okay to buy a new one...the problem is I'm not liking any of the new bags, anyone feeling the same way????

    Thanks ladies, you gals have been so wonderful with everything. The update on the fake marcelle...I tried pulling the "kooba" tags off and can't without putting a big hole in the bottom...so my girls have a new thing to drag around and play with.
  2. Brimack, the Ada is the bigger sister to the Jillian, so if you're loving the studs and want a larger bag, then the Ada is a good choice since it is bigger and holds more than the Jillian. They do come up on eBay, it's just a matter of keeping an eye out for them. However, they do seem to sell fast when they appear.

    If you plug in 'Ada' into the 'Search this forum', you will find a lot of useful threads about the Ada and pictures. Some people say it's a very heavy bag, but I haven't noticed it. When mine arrived, the shipping box, stuffing and bag came to little over three pounds in weight. The Ada is a truly beautiful bag - visually stunning.

    I have to agree with you that Kooba's Fall collection has been a letdown. I think that's why so many of us have been buying their older models.
  3. I love my Ada. It is a wee bit heavy but it's such a gorgeous bag I don't care. Mini's right, they come up on eBay and often. Keep your eyes peeled.
  4. The Ada is a heavy bag to carry. Plus it has shorter straps than the Sienna so its not as easy to wear on the shoulder, especially if you wear a winter coat.
    But if you are looking to get an Ada, I think it looks best in the Bourbon shade! :yes: