What About Our Guys ?? Who Do They Carry ?

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  1. My husband carries Tumi, down to the Wallet, Luggage and Briefcase.
  2. I bought my bf a Coach wallet to replace his beat up old wallet so Coach is what he's carrying right now. Pretty soon it'll be upgraded to a black epi wallet for his b-day.
  3. My bf has a Louis Vuitton messenger bag he carries when we go someone over night. He has a bigger Gucci over night bag. He has a Bally briefcase and he has a prada wallet.
  4. Your bf got good taste! ;)
  5. My husband leaves all the designer stuff to me. He does wear Hugo Boss suits, and has a LV tie..(he used to have an epi agenda, but I stole it!)
  6. My husband also leaves the designer stuff to me. He's kinda metro, has good taste but honestly could care less about brands. He's your typical guy and I love him for it!
  7. My boyfriend is such a scrub. He doesn't get my love for designer brands and styles at all, but every now and then I try to give him a nice present to nudge him to better style. I try to get my brother & him to hang out more, so my brother's sense of style would rub off on him, but so far, no luck! He carries a guess tri-fold wallet...until I can afford a nicer one for him.
  8. My husband is Tumi all the way. Luggage and computer bag.
  9. Mine is not into bags of any kind. He's just now learning what my bags are brand and type wise. He carries his wallet and thats it. I beleive I'd have to medicate him to get him to carry any bag. :lol:
  10. my boyfriend's wallet was made by field and stream. i'm not even lying. i bought it for him. the leather is nice, though, and it has a special holder for hunting and fishing licenses, so it fits his needs very well.

    i think he would actually get mad at me for buying him anything designer. it'd be wasted on him anyway, lol.
  11. My boyfriend carries a leather Quiksilver wallet I got him for Christmas a couple of years ago. He'll use it until it falls apart :lol: He's definitely not into bags and doesn't wear anything remotely close to designer. He wears a lot of Volcom, Vans, Quiksilver, and anything else you can find at Pacific Sunwear. But I like his style, because I buy him most of the clothes he wears :P
  12. My boyfriend definitely does not understand the whole designer concept. He carries a LL Bean messenger bag for work. I've tried to get him nice ties to spice up his everyday government uniform of khakis and a button down shirt. He uses a Polo wallet that I got years ago, but I'm thinking of upgrading it later this year.
  13. My husband uses a Coach wallet...
  14. My husband carries.......electronics! He has a razor phone, HP ipaq, ipod,3 lapstops (12", 15" and 17"), pager, some radio scanner thingie,tons of wires, cables, adapters etc, gps (2) even though his auto has one built in, several other things I have no idea what they do, most of his "bags" are HP to carry the electronics in! Oh yeah, he has a Coach wallet that he could care less about
  15. I got my husband a Jack Spade messenger bag for xmas and he seems to really like it. It's more durable and functional than his old Timbuk2 bag, which I think cost more! Plus the orange interior of the Jack Spade makes it really easy to find things inside.

    He's not really into designer stuff at all, though he recently told me that he only wants to wear 2(x)ist boxer briefs from now on because they feel and fit the best. I was like, fine by me!