What about neiman's?

  1. Ok..to continue my thread on Saks' second cut sale, how about Neiman's? I'm "spying" on this bag that went on sale and it was actually a bit cheaper at Neiman's? Will neiman's follow the same trend?

  2. I was at Neiman's last week.. I think they already had their second cut.. cuz I was purchasing my Balenciaga @ 1200 first then they had another markdown so I ended paying $850 instead!
  3. was the $1200 already sale price or not??! --> showing excitement haha
  4. I was told by my SA that the second cut would be June 22.
  5. Yes.. The original price for my bag was approx. 1700! ^^
  6. A new thread just came in, a SA from NM says the second cut is in the week of 17th... I guess it's different for each City?!
  7. wait, they sell balenciagas at NM? is that only in-store???? i need to know!
  8. Pei, what other bbags do they have available?

  9. well.. I got mine in San Francisco, they had alot from but no Motorcycle bags, the only thing which caught my eye was Balenciaga "MATELASSE", I think they had a larger size in Brown, also smaller size in blue and green.... I think you can trying calling them and see what else they have on sale...
  10. A few weeks ago I saw some whistle bags on the sale table at the King of Prussia NM.
  11. I saw a black first at NM Atlanta...but when I asked the SA she said it wasn't on sale :tdown:
  12. Yes these are in store. I've never seen them online at NM. I went to NM last weekend and didn't see any on sale.
  13. I wonder if the 2nd cut applies to online sale items? I am in need of a particular pair of Manolos...