What about Lulu Guinness?

  1. I used to be very fond of Lulu Guinness' bags and accessories. I still have one (Handbags At Dawn) bag and a beautiful scarf, but I have to admit I've sold off my other 5 or 6 LG bags for lack of use.

    For the last few years I haven't seen anything I want, or even like very much. There is still one on my wish list from a couple of years ago that I can't find anywhere (the robin's egg blue bird cage bag), but other than that, her designs have gotten kind of sad.

    I'm just wondering what happened?:confused1:
  2. not sure...I sort of noticed the same thing with Kate Spade. I do know that I am still obsessed with LG scarves. I can't seem to get enough. And I just bought pair of her "put on your pearls, girls" slippers. As for purses, I only own one made of straw. I am still a big fan of her travel pieces: still hunting for pieces here and there.