What about Goyard?


I need more shelf space!
Sep 13, 2005
Anyone have any thoughts on Goyard? You can only buy it at Barneys in the States and its quite status-y. I wasn't too impressed with it but I've been seeing lots of mommies at my kids' school (Manhattan private school mommies) with really cool personalizations on theirs. You can add monograms and stripes and icons.

Each year, my husband runs up some huge bills on clothing (yes, he runs up the bills!) and gives me the gift cards that he 'earns' to spend as I wish. I'm thinking about using the Barneys card for a Goyard bag.

What does anyone think? I'm posting a few examples of Goyard but there are lots of shapes and colors (www.barneys.com).



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That is really funny because I was about to submit a post asking the same question. I live in Manhattan too and while at first I thought the Goyard's were ugly, they have grown on me. Now every time I go in Barney's I look at them. However, I live on the West Side. I doubt you will ever see a Goyard on the Upper West Side, LOL (only New Yorkers will get this).

They seem well made and they can hold a lot. My only hesitation is the print - I am not sure whether I would get sick of it. But they are a classic and probably a sound investment.
I think it all depends on how many bags you have (doesn't seem like a problem for this crowd...). I'm likely to go with a loud color (orange?) and a fun icon and just make it as quirky as I can.

I'm on Carnegie Hill -- Goyard Central!

A few weeks ago...before I unexpectedly walked into the SF Goyard store...I told my family I would never buy a Goyard because I think it is truly unappealing. Then this past Sunday, I walked into SF Goyard and was completely mesmerized by its craftsmanship and the hand-painted chevron logo. As a designer, I'm trained to appreciate works of art such as a Goyard Bag. I felt foolish of my earlier comments and spent 2 hours in Goyard admiring each piece...since they're all different.

I finally walked out with my first Goyard, a red Comores. After a cup of hot chocolate...admiring my Goyard, I went back to the store and bought my second Goyard, a black Crosiere 35 with the Goyard emblem painted on the side of the bag. Why 2? Because their price is going up on Nov. 1 2006 from 9%-12% and I knew the Comores would not be my first Goyard.

The craftsmanship is unbelievable and I chose the classic colors in respect to the designer's earliest swatches.

I ONLY buy well-made bags and those that are classic and tasteful in design. After years of buying bags...I feel I have it down pretty well...Goyard, LV, Bottega Veneta, and the lesser known but private-client-celebrity-loved Mondet---all handmade, all special ordered, and magnificent.

I do own 2 Fendi Spys and they're truly beautiful but I say it will be my last Fendis since the crafstmanship is disappointing in most of their bags. I had to do some trimming of my own after bringing those bags home. You would never find that in a Goyard, LV, or Mondet.
I am coming to NY this weekend and planning on buying a Goyard. No where in Florida can we get one. I am loving the Crosiere. I think its a great bag. Does anyone know how long it takes to get the monogramming done?
Kma, congrats on your 2 Goyards! The SF store is great, isn't it? Claudia, I think it takes about a month for the stripes depending on how many people are ahead of you in line so to speak. The SF store has some bags that are already painted that people can buy if they like so they don't have to wait but I am not sure about NY. Come join us in the "Calling all Goyard fans" thread too! Great to see more fans of this fabulous company. :flowers: :yahoo:
Wow these are the bags that royalty use on their travels, their travel range is supposed to be lightweight, well-made and packs well. I would have no hesitation trying one if budget permits and if I travel a lot...I don't phew so I'm not tempted in that direction - thus more money for my Vuittons :smile:
Kma, congrats on your Goyard pieces! I just recently bought a couple Goyard items myself. I love it!!! Aside from the bags being hand-painted, I love the fun colors you get to choose from.

Also, I don't see much if any Goyard bags where I live. As opposed to the rampant Louis Vuittons (authentic and fakes)
Here's mine!! It's a white St. Martin that I wish I hadn't bought. Don't get me wrong, it's a gorgeous roomy purse, but I wish I had been patient and wait for the Barbie Pink Jeanne MM that's coming out next year:yes:


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Here's mine!! It's a white St. Martin that I wish I hadn't bought. Don't get me wrong, it's a gorgeous roomy purse, but I wish I had been patient and wait for the Barbie Pink Jeanne MM that's coming out next year:yes:

kuo, can this be a shoulder bag? depending on how skinny your arms are?? :nuts: :nuts: LOL!