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  1. Has anyone noticed the Egg Plant on ebay selling for 1699? Is this a fair price? And is this a wonderful color? I`m a new fan of balenciaga but think this is a beautiful color.:yes:
  2. there is a long thread on it in the Achtung section, the price was decreased twice I think since it got listed
    I personally love this color even though I playy it safer with black bags, but if I had the money I'd definetely scout Ebay for an eggplant city
  3. Not only is it a hard-to-find and pretty color, the leather on these eggplant bags is just....different. It's the ultimate, as far as I'm concerned. Sooooo smooth and soft and buttery.

    As for the price being fair....if someone is willing to pay a certain price, then it's fair.
  4. I agree with LoriB that price is all relative... if you like the colour and you can afford it, then why not?

    Although for a first BBag, eggplant might not be the most versatile colour, depending on your wardrobe.
  5. It's a gorgeous bag and the 04 leather is TDF.
  6. I think that eggplant is stunning.
    It's a color that really packs some punch.
    If I had more purple in my wardrobe, I'd certainly consider it...oh, and if I had more $ in my bank account too LOL.
  7. I'm going to close this thread since there is already a long thread in achtung about it :flowers:
Thread Status:
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