what about dooney & bourke?

  1. i didn't know where else to ask this...i noticed that dooney doesn't have it's own 'forum'. is it not as desired by folks or just no room or what? i'm curious as my duck purse (as my hubby has called it! :p ) was one of my first 'expensive' purses. admittedly i have moved to others (numerous coachs, 1 lv, 1 chanel) but still like some d&b's though haven't bought any recently.

  2. funny you should say that! i own a lot of "higher end" bags, yet i found a dooney that i love! it's a large sac and has some name to it...i think the leather is amazing and the bag is gorgeous and i think i'm going to buy it...
    i don't think they have a forum here for the same reason gustto, bulga, kooba and a lot of others don't...
  3. :yes: i have recently asked the same question as i'm going to be purchasing one soon! i don't get it either, but if there was a Dooney Forum i'd be there.:yes:
  4. I personally don't like them at all. But you should contact a moderator if there is enough people liking it to create a forum.