What about doll clothes?

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  1. Anyone here is interested in making doll clothes? It's my hobby main and I'm sewing for about 5 years now. I do clothes for 40 and 60cm. dolls mostlyand I must say- it's lot of fun!

    I prefere designing dresses and gowns in a fairy style wit lot's of details and frills. Here are some of my works, hope you'll like them :smile:







    And do you make doll clothes? I would love to see them!
  2. These are INCREDIBLE!!!!!

    I was just about to post this thread (I make AG Doll clothes)

    These creations are just exquisite!!!! (A word that apparently I have never spelled before ~ I had to look it up!!)

    Dollfie I want them all..... for me!!!!!!!!!

    I make an apron that resembles the black and white dress, it is gathered and has ribbons and pearls attached ~~~~it is part of my Bonaparte' All the Time Collection!

    Great Images !!!!!!! These would be pretty in the Photography thread, too!!!!
    These dolls are just amazing!!!!!
  3. What are AG dolls? I'm not fammiliar with them and would love to :smile:
    And I would love to see your clothes- it's so nice that someone here is sweing as well.

    Thanks for your comment- glad you like it
  4. :faint: Oh my gosh! All of your doll clothes are incredible!!!!!! This black/white outfit is my favorite though!

    I cannot believe all the detail, amazing! I wish my cousin was still alive, she loved dolls and doll clothes, I would have enjoyed seeing her reaction to your amazing creations! :heart:!
  5. Wow. Those are amazing. Just wow!
  6. dang, your doll clothes are amazing!! great job!!

  7. AG~ American Girl I am really not patient enough to make clothes for those this little figures... Ag dolls are 18" and wider than some 18" PLUS they have an infinite amount of accessories and furniture etc. They have limited wardrobes, though. More contemporary than classic.
    They would disagree, of course, but they appeal to girls between the ages of 6 and 12 (and their Moms ~ let's face it!) So they dress them in what would appeal to children and what can be easily played with and be manipulated by children. The historical outfits are as accurate as you can get for mass production.
  8. Here is one of the series I am working on ... Felicity's 1776 Betsy Ross inspired Independence Day Outfit.



  9. I posted two of the same pic and omitted one (DS distraction.)

  10. GondolaGirl- och, I do know those dolls! I only didn't get the shourtcut.

    I really like those dolls, they seem to be so cute. It must be easy to sew for them, am I right? They aren't slim and petit as fashion dolls and barbie (god, sweing for them is a nightmare!).

    I really love your cerations- especially your last hat is amazing! can I ask you how to make something like this? I think my dolls would love to own one :smile:

    And can I ask you one thing- are you a collector? :smile:

    To all the lovely ladies- thanks so much! I put my hart in those designes so I do appriciate your words alot :smile:
  11. Dollfie, thank you, too for the compliment and yes I am a collector.
    For the hat I bought a doll straw hat at the craft store and took it apart, then I trimmed it and put it back together so that it would fit the doll. Of course, I then embellished it!! It was kind of tricky because it was my first straw hat makeover.
    Yes, I can't make smaller clothes ~ that would be too tedious for my impatient Taurian nature. I like the idea of the historical design and fairy inspired design, simply because it is different.
    The other challenge with doll clothing is of course, the pattern on fabric and the trim being small enough. 18" dolls are as small as I get. So seeing your dolls is a real treat and I am in awe of you!
  12. Awww cute doll clothes!
  13. Gondola... I loooooooooooove the one with the stars on it! The felicity stories were always some of my favorites!
  14. Wow, these are all gorgeous!
    Dollfie, do you sell your work? Do you also make the dolls or just the clothes? Just gorgeous, I am actually speechless. :heart::love:
  15. Somany comments, I'm really happy to hear that you like them!

    mytruth2004- yes I do sell those clothes. It's my main job at the momment :smile:. Unfortunatelly I don't make dolls, but they are made by the Japanase company named Volks. There are a lot of showrooms of those dolls in Japan