What about Damier Tango?

  1. OK, this is my first thread post here so be gentle! I am brand new to Louis Vuitton. My wonderful husband bought me my first--Popincourt Haut in March. I have 3 handbags already, but no Damier. I love the classy look of the pattern, and I'm wondering if anybody has a Tango or Salsa. Are they comfortable to carry? They look so simple and good for a dressier look.
  2. I dont have one. I have musette which is much bigger but the tango looks comfy to carry and would match well w/ most stuff
  3. i have the damier speedy 30. i am not claiming to be helpful in your quest to get answers on the tango or salsa but i will tell you this...I have completely fallen in love with the damier pattern. Its classy and understated and it isnt everywhere you turn. honestly i love it
  4. hello and welcome!! :flowers:

    i have damier tango....i carried it almost every single day for a year or so, it's such an awesome and comfortable bag, not too small and not too big. :smile: i used to wear it while i was driving too!! :nuts: i used it like a messanger bag.... sometimes i wore it with shoulder strap short (double the strap under the flap...)... i miss the bag, i hardly wear it anymore since i have to carry lots of my baby stuff with me now--- but i highly recommend!!

    i loved it so much and i got one in monogram too!! :P
  5. I have the Tango. It was the first LV my boyfriend (now he is my fiancee) purchased for me on our first Christmas together 3 years ago. I love it, it is a comfortable shoulder bag that fits wight under the arm. Very simple, chic and classy.
  6. Thanks for all the help. On my way this afternoon to try one on. My only fear is I'll want a new wallet in the Damier to go with it. That's a whole other thread!
  7. I have the Damier Salsa and think it's great - I really like the classic understated (ie, discreet) elegance. The size is good - not too big, not too small. I like shoulder bags as well and the shoulder strap of the Salsa sits very comfortably on my shoulder. And the strap doesn't slip off the shoulder as well, which is an (obvious) added bonus.
  8. I have the Damier Tango with long strap. I love it. I use it everytime I go out shopping. It still looks brand new after two years!
  11. It's classy. I like it, except, it will probably be too small for me.
  13. thanks karman.
    anyway can you take a picture of that coz i hardly understand it.