What about Calvin Klein handbags - cheap? I could use an opinion

  1. I purchased a black Calvin Klein satchel in black and its such a good looking bag, but the leather does not feel soft, and of course its made in China, like everything else. My husband says when I put it on my shoulder, I hike it up under my arm and nothing but the flat bottom shows. That happens with every satchel but I never thought about it. The base on this purse is really wide too, with almost a cardboard bottom, so I cant really flatten it against my body. Should I return the dumb thing? I paid about $110 for it, and its so cute and the quilted leather looks cool. Or should I hold out for something else? I thought when I bought it that it seemed like a good deal. You know what happens, once you take the tags off, its all yours....

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  2. You don't seem to be 100% satisfied with it, so return it and get something you will really love and enjoy carrying.
  3. Heres the photo. I think all the signs are saying hold out for something better. I think Im getting hung up on that quilted leather - and the price. Thanks Rose!
  4. Are you looking for a quilted bag?
  5. viba424, I agree with Rose - return that bag, and we'll offer you suggestions on alternatives :smile:
  6. Thats great! Thanks so much for your opinions. Yes, I like quilted leather. I like smooth leather too I guess. What Im really looking for is a great satchel that won't slide off my shoulder, in black. There are so many great one out there, probably the best ever is the Chloe Paddington. That would be a huge investment, though. I could go up to about $500. I just paid off my credit card, so I dont want to get nuts.
  7. That is so great of you! Thanks!
  8. JMO, but if you don't love it -- return it.

    $110 might sound like a good deal, but if you don't love it, you won't carry it & it will end up being far more expensive per use than a bag you like better.

    If you are looking for great quality at a reasonable price, you might want to try Tano bags.
  9. If u dont love it return it.. but considering the price i agree.. its a good deal!
  10. How about this B Makowsky bag? Looks nice onscreen ...

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  11. You guys are the best. Im going to research all of your recommendations. You'd think a black bag would be easy, but its got to be just right because its what Ill probably use most! On first glance, I like the look of the Dutchy Jet Basket. Ive not heard of that brand before. Im going to follow up with you on these bags; they all look good.

    Id like to consider myself a pretty proficient online bargain shopper... From your experience do you have better luck online or in stores? Ive found for clothes, stores seem better, and for shoes, accessories and handbags, online is better. This is probably because you can research a specific bag name for the best price, compared to clothes where the market is huge. Would you agree?
  12. This one is just darling... Ive had my eye on it for a while, and the price seems right. Are any of you familiar with this brand? Hows the quality and leather? Its a little scary that its all sales final on sale items on Aloha Rag.

    Alexis Hudson Orbit